8. Voodoo Doll

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A woman in Texas bought a real haunted Zombie Voodoo doll on Ebay in 2004.

She thought it was just for display purposes. She took it out of the small coffin and displayed it. She told the interviewers, "A real big mistake."

The doll attacked her many times. She had cuts, bruises, and had been gashed open on her leg.

After being attacked and knowing the doll was haunted, with out a second thought, she left it on display.

One evening, the woman was in her bedroom reading a book when she heard a tapping noise coming from the down stairs area. She was curious to find what was causing the noise. She opened the door, only to find the voodoo doll on the floor. It continued for several weeks. She would here a tapping noise and find the doll on the ground.

Until one night, the woman went into her porch room and felt a stinging. She looked down and saw 3 claw marks on her ankle.

Every night she was scratched, bit and her leg was gashed up so deep, she had to go to the hospital.

She put the doll back in its little coffin, and shoved it into the basement, praying it would stay away from her.

For weeks she heard evil laughs and giggles. But she wouldn't dare to open the basement door.

The doll couldn't physically attack her, but it began to haunt her in her dreams.

She tried to burn the doll but it wouldn't work. She tried to cut it up but the scissors broke as well as the knife she used.

So, she buried it in the cemetery. But it was too shallow, and it appeared all dirty on her doorstep.

She resold it on Ebay and the buyer said it disappeared form her home. The woman found the doll on her doorstep, and she had to send it back to the buyer.

The buyer complained that it disappeared again. So when the woman found it on her doorstep again, she wrapped it up securely then sent it back, once again.

After that, the buyer said the box was empty. Then the woman found the doll at her door again.

2 years later, the woman was finally able to get rid of the doll.

She said a priest blessed the doll, which made it calm down.

Right now, the doll is blessed, in its coffin, and kept away in the basement.

She was told to never remove it from the box again...

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