6. Pupa The Doll

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Pupa was given to a child in the 1920's. She died in 2005. At the time, the child lived in Italy. Pupa is 46 inches tall. Her head, arms and legs are made of felt.

The hair is said to be made of human hair. The child cherished the doll her whole life.

The doll traveled from Italy to the US, then back to Italy and across Europe then is finally ended back up in the USA. The doll is still the same. A blue, felt suit.

The original owner said that Pupa was alive and had a mind of her own. She even told stories to her grandchildren that Pupa was her best friend.

She told them throughout her whole life Pupa talked to her and even saved her life.

Since the death of the owner, the family who currently owns Pupa says that the doll has become very active. The dolls wants to be released where it is kept.

Some people report that the glass case she is in has steamed up. Written in the steam from inside the case is 'Pupa hate' in child handwriting.

She is said to push things around in the display case where the family keeps her. She is said to move by herself. She is always placed differently than the way the owners had her.

The family had reported they heard tapping on Pupa's glass case as they walk by it. When they turn to look, they see her hand pressed up against the glass. Or her legs were crossed when they weren't before.

One of the family members managed to catch footage of Pupa rising on her feet and walking in the case. They got it on video.

When he tried to upload the video on YouTube, it was only a mysterious thick, white film and the worlds 'Pupa No!" scribbled on it in child- like handwriting.

The family said that they have seen Pupa shifting around in her case. Some say she feels trapped...

No one knows where Pupa is now. Paranormal investigators are trying to track her down, but the doll's location is hidden.

Some say she's evil and the way she looks at people is uncomforting.

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