10. Amanda The Doll

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Amanda is a doll that is said to be a lonely spirit.

Amanda's face was designed by Heinrich Handwerck in 1884. Ever since then, the toy company, Simon and Halbig Company, made many dolls with her face.

Amanda was a doll sold on Ebay in August, 2003.

She was put back on Ebay the same year. The owner said that strange things happened and they didn't want the doll anymore.

This went on for a long time. Amanda has been up for auction more than 20 times.

People always gave the same reason why they wanted to sell her. They would always say, 'strange' things happened. They weren't specific.

Until one day, someone told their story.

A woman said that she could never get the doll out of her mind. And when she tried to forget about it, she had horrible nightmares.

She found her self always talking to Amanda. She would share her thoughts, secrets, everything.

"She knew who to listen to. She liked to listen to me," the woman said, "But she's not as gentle as you may think..."

She felt herself being "dragged" by Amanda into her dreams. One night, she woke up with a start with freezing cold feet. She climbed out of bed and turned on the light and what she saw shocked her.

Her feet were clue and had scratches all over them. So, she decided to call an ambulance.

She went to the phone, and looked down at her feet. They were back to the original color.

She was in shock and sat down thinking things through. Then she noticed Amanda.

Amanda looked at her with a sinister grin. Then went back to her original face.

The woman sent Amanda to a paranormal investigator named Reggie Jacobs.

He felt a presence in the doll. Amanda would demonstrate ruining household objects.

She is very active. When she's happy, she just sits there like a normal doll. But when she gets bored, she ruins things in the house so she can move on to someone different.

People say they hear scratching noises coming from the case Amanda is in now. She can be bad luck too. Someone said she moved around the house on her own.

Amanda is with paranormal investigators now in Atlanta, Georgia. She is unhappy. She doesn't like to be trapped.

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