4. The Doll That Aged

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An unnamed family, had children who were starting to grow up. And all of the old toys were taking up most of the space in the house. So, they stored away all the toys in the attic, including a baby-faced doll.

After they stored all the toys away, they were happy to have more room in the house.

Eleven years later...

the children were now WAY too old for all the toys and no one went up in the attic to get them cause there was no point.

One day, when the family decided the move, they were looking through all the old toys they stored away 11 years ago.

They were shocked to find the baby-faced doll, had withered and aged like a dead body.

The face was rotted and wrinkled. The arms and legs were mummified. And the doll looked like it had once been alive.

The eyes looked human-like...as if they were staring right at them.

The immediately got rid of it. They didn't want it anywhere near them.

The doll was given away. The family cant even imagine what the doll looks like now.

After it was given away, the doll was put on sale.

 No one knows what caused the doll to age. Some people think it was the climate temperature of the attic. But no one knows if its true.

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