9. Emilia The Doll

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Emilia The Doll is over 100 years old and came from one of the guards of King Umberto, Kinf of Italy. (March 14th, 1844 - July 29th 1900)

The king was executed on July 29th by anarchist, Gaetano Bresci. Umberto was the first king to ever be executed in Italy.

The doll was given to Ulvado Bellina, one of his most trusted friends and Captain of the Royal Guard. He was also assassinated. Emilia was then given to Ulvado's daughter, Marie.

Marie named the doll Emilia. She had a great connection with her.

The doll always stayed by Marie. She was like company to her.

The doll survived two wars. She lost both her arms and scalp in the second war because a bomb went off on a train.

From that day, she was haunted by the soul of a woman who tried to escape the train but unfortunately didn't make it. Luckily, Marie survived.

Emilia is said to open and close her eyes. She had a voice box, but it no longer worked. Yet, voice were still heard coming from it. You hear a voice crying for its mama.

At night, Marie would hear weeping and sobbing coming from the doll. Sometimes, the doll would blink and the facial expression would change.

Emilia is often reported to be sad and people say they can see the sorrow in her eyes. She's not one of the most happiest spirits...

Marie played, hugged and shared her secrets with Emilia during both wars and before the woman died. Emilia seemed to already have a mind of her own...

She moved her arms before she lost them and blinked at Marie.

During the war, Marie and Emilia would hide away in shelters. Marie felt safer around Emilia.

One night, when Marie was hiding in a shelter, a man said he had seen Emilia smile at him while sitting on Marie's lap.

Another time, Marie said she heard Emilia say a sentence. She said, "It's not great."

Emilia did have a working voice box at the time...but it broke after the bombing.

Emilia spoke the words after the bomb hit though.

The words could've been a misunderstood. Marie was surprised, yet happy Emilia talked to her. But, she had no idea what the words meant.

Years after the wars, Marie has a child. And decides to name it Emilia, after the doll.

Marie is now dead. Her daughter now takes care of the doll.

She hears noises coming from the unhappy doll. She misses her owner, Marie.

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