3. Mandy The Doll

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Mandy is an antique doll that was made in Germany between the years 1910 and 1920. She was donated to Quesnel Museum in 1991.

Her owner gave her to the museum after strange incidents. The owner would hear the sounds of a crying baby in the basement. When she went to look around, she found no baby, and an open window.

After Mandy was given to the museum, the crying stopped. But some things did start to happen to the museum staff members.

Lunches would disappear from fridges and be found inside a drawer. Objects would go missing. Some turned up, others were never found. Also, footsteps were heard when no one was there.

She Mandy was at the museum, she didn't have a permanent place. She sat facing the entrance so visitors could see her. Later on, she was put inside a case by herself in a different part of the museum.

Rumor was that she couldn't be around any other dolls. Because she would harm them. But, she didn't like being by herself. Staff found papers everywhere in the room she was locked in. It was as if she had thrown a tantrum.

She has been known to 'play' with electrical things which makes them malfunction. People have claimed to feel sad and uneasy around her. Some say her eyes follow people around the room and she can over her head and fingers.

Mandy had a little lamb toy with her so she wasn't lonely.

One day, the lamb was found out of the case and on the floor. No one moved it cause the museum was closed.

People have heard Mandy tapping on the glass case. When someone goes to check on her, she had her hand up against the glass.

Whenever she did something, like mess with electrical stuff and tap on glass, the staff would carry her around the building to clam her down.

If its late at night, Mandy will act up and one of the staff members would bring her to their office, sit her on their lap, and continue working.

Mandy has never done anything sinister or evil. She only wants attention, and acts up when she is unnoticed. Some people think she's bad by making people feel upset. Some say they've seen her give evil looks.

Paranormal investigators say she is the sweet spirit of a child who lives in the doll.

No one knows for sure how Mandy became possessed in the first place. But there is a legend.

The story is, a little girl got trapped in the basement with the doll. She died and her spirit got trapped inside the doll. Years after that happened, the doll was found in the basement and the sound of a child crying was heard. The doll was crying tears of blood.

There is no evidence that proves the story is true. But people still go to the Quenzel Museum, hoping to see Mandy do something.

Mandy just needs love and care. If the legend is true, then it must be a sad spirit.

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