12. Caroline The Doll

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Caroline was originally bought in a Salem, Massachusetts antique shop.

She has had several owners over the years who loved her.

Each owner took care of her, kept her clean and kept her in good condition.

Some believe that three different spirits haunt the doll. And they fight for over who takes control of the doll.

Caroline has been checked out by paranormal investigators. The spirits inhabit the doll.

Everyone thinks different things of what might haunt the doll. But they know that this doll really is haunted.

People say that Caroline whispers when you hold her close to your ears. John, one of Caroline's owners, said that Caroline told him, "Make it you." John thinks that the words mean good luck.

She does not hurt or threaten anyone.

Caroline likes to move objects around. She hides books behind the bookshelf.

Candles were found in the oven, and pens, money and food were found in weird places.

Caroline is only known to play around with things, mess with electrical things and whisper.

No one knows where Caroline is now. Her owners are hidden.

The last time Caroline was heard of was in 2004, when paranormal investigators investigated the doll. She never did much though. But they did catch a few whispers on an EVP recording.

In 2006, her owner died. After that, they stopped investigating her.

After that, she began to calm down. She hardly did anything.

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