13. Bebe The Doll

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Bebe is a red head doll with blue eyes from 1976 and she has been a favorite to doll collectors.

A haunted doll collector named Janice says, "Bebe is a very real haunted doll."

Janice has a collection of over 25 haunted dolls.

She has encountered many strange things in her house. She says ever since the dolls were put into her home, all the weird stuff started happening.

She plans on taking her dolls to conventions for display. She says, "Bebe will be the star of the show. This doll will show the world what a real haunted doll is."

When Bebe first arrived in the house, the atmosphere changed. Not in a good way or bad way. It was almost as if she was bringing in mixed emotions.

One night, Janice was going through books when she felt a chill go down her spine. She knew someone was watching her. So she looked over her shoulder.

But no one was there. The only thing there was the closet door, which was slightly open.

She just ignored the feeling. But soon after, she felt something run past her feet. So he ran into the other room.

Other nights she would her doors slamming and giggling.

Doors opened and closed on their own, windows fused shut, and keys to rooms would move in different places.

Janice then decided to have the house blessed.

After the blessing months later, things got worse and she didn't know what to do.

One night, she heard thumping from above her room. The noise was coming from the attic.

So, she climbed up the ladder to the attic and tried to find what the noise was coming from.

But nothing is heard. Then she gets the feeling that she is being watched again.

She feels very uncomfortable and starts gasping for air. Then she closes her eyes and falls into a dream.

Everything goes black and she feels like she is falling. She then visions herself looks at a six foot man.

He looked really angry and he started to head towards an old room in the house. He opened the door then whispered. The whispers are hard to hear, but they sound sinister.

Then the screaming of a young girl is heard. She's crying and gasping from behind the door.

Then it is silent.

The door swings open. The man is gone but the only thing seen is the dead body of a little girl.

In her hand, there is a doll with a blue dress and red shoes.

Janice opened her eyes. She was laying on the ground and the only thing she can see is the open attic door above her.

Out of the corner of her eye, something moves fast.

She turns her head and sees Bebe, which is the same doll she saw in the dream.

Janice kept the doll safe and researched it to try to find any information of the vision she had.

Weird stuff still happens. Janice is determined to find out more about the possible murderer of the young girl.

She thinks the little girl haunts Bebe.

Janice says, "Bebe. this rare Ebay find is the most haunted doll in the world and I have plans to prove it!"

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