Chapter 15 Last Day

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I woke up the same as I had fallen asleep, Weston's arms around my waist, head tucked into my back and my arms around his chest head resting on his muscular chest. I sighed contently and shifted a little. Weston growled softly and held me tighter. His light breaths tickled my neck a lot. Giggling I moved so he was leaning into my neck.

He grumbled, "Aw, why'd you do that?"

Laughing I replied, "Why do you sound like a ten-year-old kid who just had his phone snatched away?"

"That's too many words for a comeback and I'm sleepy."

Tough guy. I smiled and hugged him tighter. Smiling contently I was about to fall asleep again but an obnoxious b*stard was ringing the bell so much it was non stop. I saw Weston's face scrunch up in irritation.

"Go away!"

The ringing a stopped for a few blessed seconds, keyword few. The ringing began again causing Weston to lose it.


I laughed so hard I fell back on the bed.

"Weston, you realize that someone is pushing the bell not something?"

He just looked at me face void of emotion.


Collapsing in laughter I sat up to answer it. Weston let me go reluctantly.

"You want the bell to stop right?"

He let go so fast I was almost hurt. I turned around before opening the door.

Looking at Weston's perfect face. The sun's beams streamed through the glass wall made his skin look a beautiful tan. And his muscles looked more toned. I'm lucky I got a hot mate.

I walked down the stairs running afterward. Swinging open the door I punched the person ringing the bell. I heard a groan of pain.

"What the h*ll?!"

"I could say the same Locke!" I snapped.

Did this idiot not realize that BLASTING one's doorbell so early was rude? Locke was holding his nose and I saw a small drop of blood. Wasn't that sorry.

Locke looked at me cautiously "Sorry, but I wanted to ask what you were doing today?"


"Oh I need someone to play Call of Duty with me, my roommate is out exchanging saliva with his girlfriend."

He smiled casually I almost missed that last part. Locke was blunt and impish as heck.

"TMI! And sorry can't I have a very important day today."

"Oh, really what are you up too? Can I join?"

"Well, I am spending my last day as a human. And no! You'd be the most annoying and awkward third wheel."


"Bye Locke!"

I slammed the door in his face but opened the door just as quick. I walked out and Locke looked hopeful, walking passed him I picked up a sharp rock and smashed the doorbell in. Precautions.

Smiling sweetly at Locke I slammed the door again locked it and walked up to Weston's room again.

"I got the pest!"

"What type of parasite was it?"

"Locke, the only way to destroy is to punch it straight in the face. So I did."

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