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I feel like I'm slacking on my story am I? And I read other ones and they are so clean and better I feel bad. And I came up with a AWSOME idea for another and I don't want to ditch this one so sorry if I get sloppy I have so much to do like my violin and school and I really need to focus on my violin... Thanks so much for 450+ views! I have MAYBE one more chapter left and after look for my new one I thinks it's boss. Here we go

The dress was long and light. It was was pure white, Tabby said it was meant to represent pureness. The sleeves went to my elbows and fanned out, there was a wine red ribbon at the waist and that was the only splash of color. At the end it had ruffles and the neckline was low and wide enough that it showed some collarbone and shoulders. I walked into the bathroom looking at myself through the full-length mirror. I twirled and the dress flowed along.

"Here is the last piece!"

Tabby walked in looked at the flower crown in her hands. When she looked up at me she smiled.

"Oh Evelyn, you look so nice."

I smiled shyly "Thank you Tabby, um is that the last piece?"

She nodded adamantly "This is a very high-quality flower crown it was frozen in time by wizards and was used in the very first changing."

Tabby put her hands out expecting me to take it. My hands trembled as I reached for the delicate crown. Frozen in time might not mean invincibility. I gingerly place sit on my head and Tabby's grin widened. She reached up and tucked it on my head letting it sit snug. I let out a small gasp when I saw the complete outfit. I never believed I could look like the beautiful and graceful person in the mirror. Turning to Tabby I engulf her into a hug. Weston's as right, we would get along fine.

Tabby patted me back laughing "I know I know I'm a miracle worker."

I let her go and smiled gratefully. She looked at the wall clock.


I nodded and ran after her. As I was running down the last step I tripped. My thoughts; Evelyn you stupid idiot tripping on the prettiest dress in the world! And during one of the most imprint any moments of my life! Agh!

I landed in a soft pile of fur. Fur? Looking up I realized I landed on a pitch black wolf. The wolf's massive head turned to me and I locked eyes with icy blue orbs.


The wolf seemed to grin and bobbed its head up and down nodding yes. I smiled and hugged the massive creature.

"Oh, Weston your soooooo fluffy and cute!!"

Weston growled and giving me a look that seemed to say

I am not cute, I'm a tough guy.

I patted his head "Does puppy want a biscuit?"

He growled

Does Evelyn want the wolf who is going to bite be gentle?

I frowned and gave him a pout. He seemed to smile and leaned into my hand. Feeling his soft fur he lowered himself so that I could ride on his massive back. Seating myself he dashed off towards the pack house.

The wind whipped my braid and cooled me. I took a breath feeling the cool evening air. I was going to be a Werewolf. A half man (woman in this case) half wolf creature of the night... I wondered if my senses would be heightened.

I was shaken from my thoughts when Weston stopped. I felt his body expand and shrink with his heaving breaths. Wrapping my hands around his large chest he led me into the house.

Candles were covering every spot possible except a wide path allowing us to walk on. Walking through the candles Weston led me to the garden. Wolves and people were swarming the area and like the candles, they slept to allow us access. The empty path led to the gazebo.

I felt my heart pound louder and taste reach passing second. It was the sensation I got right before a drop in a roller coaster the panic and adrenaline surging through me.

Weston pushed aside the curtain of roses and thorns and instead of the cushioned seat I had seen earlier the floor was covered in cloth. The cloth was a rich red velvet, and there was so much. As if the cloth were waves of soft material.

There was a small letter waiting in the sea of velvet. I picked it up and looked at Weston asking permission. He nodded and I felt my hands tremble as I opened it not knowing what to expect.

Unraveling the paper I started to read

Dear Evelyn,

During the ceremony in it supposed to speak until you've changed, which will be until the sun rises or dawn. I will be very careful about changing you. You know that I have to bite you so be prepared. Your senses will be heightened and will be a lot more wolf-like. You will crave meat more and have mental links with me and a few pack members. I love you and don't worry

-Weston Stoneheart

I set down the letter my hands not trembling as much as before. He looked at me intently silent asking my permission to start. Nodding he pounced on me. Instantly he bit into my arm. The pain wasn't so bad but it was bad enough for me to hiss in pain.

He stopped and instantly the soon subsided. I sat looking at him expecting something. Then it happened.

I felt my hair grow longer and a girl's worst nightmare my arms and legs grew long soft fur the color of my dark hair. My legs grew and also did my arms forming sting mucked that will make me both lithe and powerful. I felt ears and a teal sprout. My notches and face grew my nose growing into a snout my teeth lengthened and were forming small daggers.

The weird sensation stopped and I looked at Weston expectantly. He looked so happy. He shuffled around and in his mouth was a large mirror. I was my wolf form. The dress was in ruins and I silently mourned for it, it was beautiful. The flower crown remained startling white against my black fur. My eyes remain the same ovens blue. I looked to Weston and nuzzled him. We crawled out of the gazebo and everyone howled, and I joined them.


Hello! I'm vey happy with myself because the chapter was ling as usual. Hope it was descriptive and enjoyable. I'm not at all sure how I'm doing since I don't have lots of writing experience. Next chapter is the last. I am sorry if the series of short but I have no more ideas and my new idea maybe ten fold better look for it. Enjoy your ending and thank you for reading!
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