The at Home Date

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Here's your 3K Bonus chapter! You guys are amazing the reads are already at 3.74k, WHOO! Enjoy~!

It's been about a year and Weston and I are perfectly happy. We are still boyfriend and girlfriend but we are perfectly fine with that. I live in his house and spend hours together each day.

Today was a little different. Weston said he wanted to have a special little at home lunch just to the two of us. We hadn't down something like this before so I was a little nervous and happy.

I continued to trim the rises happily humming a small song while waiting for Weston to return home from his pack meeting with other Alphas.

Satisfied with my trimming I walked back inside. Taking off my gardeners gloves and gardening supplies I placed them in the closet space meant for my gardening stuff.

Giving my hat to a maid walking also I kindly asked her to place it in the ways and I walked in the kitchen prepping Weston and my lunch.

Pushing Open the door I riffled around looking for the perfect lunch meal. Pasta? Nah, maybe... Steak? Had that yesterday perhaps chicken. No... AHA! Sourdough bread sandwiches, homemade potato chips, healthy salad and smooth flavorful tomato soup! (A/N: I woke up really early and haven't eaten yet, can't ya tell ;)

I ruffled through the cabinets picking all the ingredients and set them on the counter.

Grabbing a pot I placed it in the stove and poured the tomato soup and let it heat then simmer. I heard a distant click and headed to front hoping to see Weston.

He was handing his coat and bags to a butler and saw me and smiled I smiled back and we sped walked to each other and embraced.

I took a deep breath inhaling his lovely fresh pine smell. He pulled back smiling.

"What were you doing? You smell delicious."

"I was making our lunch."

"Let me help you."

"It's fine, settle down and I'll make it."

"I'm helping, come on."

I smiled and we walked to the kitchen to finish cooking lunch.


"Ah! W-Weston not so f-fast!"

"Why not? It'll be better."

"S-Stop going so fast..!"

"It'll be better just wait."

"B-But... You will spill the tomato soup if you stir it so fast!"

Weston laughed heartily "Not to worry dear it won't spill."

I raised an eyebrow "And if you do?"

He smiled "I will kiss you on the cheek saying you were right and clean it up."

I laughed "Are you trying to make me want you to spill it?"

Weston smiled and continued storing while I started to place the thin potato slices into the fryer. Sounds of crackles and pops filled the air. I then headed to the salad.

Placing the washed leaves into a bowl I added cut and cleaned cabbage, carrots, and strawberries for a sweet touch. Then I threw in some pine nuts and sesame seeds for a crunch. Adding small pita chips I looked for the special ranch.

It was high up on the refrigerator shelf and I went on my tippy toes to reach it. I felt Weston's chest press onto my back as I see his arm reach for the ranch.

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