Chapter 6 Picnic

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After the mess regarding Winston and Will and this walking time bomb aka Weston, I lounged about before heading to bed.

I walked down a few halls before finally recognizing my room. Closing the door behind me I decided to shower.

Walking into the closet I chose a simple cropped sweater and shorts. Grabbing underwear I headed to the bathroom. Placing my clothes on the marble counter I turned on the water letting its temperature rise while I undress. Then I analyzed myself in. The mirror.

My black wavy hair ever at the bottom of my shoulder blades. My blue eyes were my favorite part of me, it very rare a dark-haired person was blessed with blue eyes. My black hair really offset the blue. I had a thin physic and was in shape. I had light peach skin, not too pale or pink.

After looking at myself I stepped in setting the water to shower mode. I let the hot water pound down on me. I imagined the water washing away my worries. Winston Will and Walking Bomb... They drifted away and I enjoyed my shower.

Dying my hair and body I dressed in the sweater and shorts and stepped into the room. Weston was pacing a few feet from the door.

"Weston? Can I help you..?"

"Yes. Will you come with me to go on a picnic? Tomorrow?"

I stood not sure what to say. He was so urgent with everything I was at ease that he was letting me take time.

"Well sure..."

Give him a chance. He only kidnapped you, harassed you and hurt your dog. One side (my rational side) told me that my other side said Go! Love him! Jump into his arms! Shaking my head clearing my thoughts I looked up to him.

"What time tomorrow?"

Smiling he said "8:30am? It's not too early is it?"

I smiled back enjoying his smile, he only seemed to growl and shout. "Perfect see you tomorrow."

He hesitated before leaving kissing me incredibly gently on my head before leaving. I sat on my bed pondering what was to happen next.

Sighing I snuggled into the bed feeling the silky material wrap me up in a soft hug.


I woke up to my phone alarm at 7:30am an hour to prep. I yawned and sat up in bed and blinked open my groggy eyes. Turing off my alarm I stood and walked into the bathroom.

My hair was tangled and messy. I pulled out my brush and pulled at the tangles. After pulling it into a ponytail and letting two locks of hair down on each side of my face I went to my closet.

I pulled out a light blue sundress. Roses were patterned all around the dress green leaves that accent the roses. It also came with a white braid belt. Putting it on I then grabbed a white sweater and cream flats.

I was about to leave but grabbed a white cross over and put my phone inside. I heard a knock on the door and opened it.

Weston was there rubbing his neck. He looked at me and flashed a small smile. I smiled warmly back. He was rocking a pair of khakis and a tucked in white button-up shirt in his pants.


"Hi, are you ready?"

I nodded and followed him out. He led me to a Lamborghini and he opened the door for me, like a gentleman. I stepped in and felt the smooth leather seats. He put the keys into the ignition and started the car. I looked at him from the corner of my eye and looked at him.

"Mr. Stoneheart?"


"W-Weston, where and what are we doing?"

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