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Silver p.o.v

"Didn't you pee before we came here?!" Shadow yelled at Sonic as his ears went down "ya..but I have to go again.." He answered him as I watched them. "So that is our uncle that was the darkness that killed our parents?" I asked in a low voice as Shadow and Sonic turned to look at me.

We were quiet for a while till Mephiles appeared outside of the cage "I think y'all might want to meet your cousin" he spoke in a creepy voice "I think I'm good" Sonic said earning a glare from our so called uncle. He moved a side and the green hedgehog from earlier was there "Scourge?!" I heard sonic yell. "That's right blue I'm your cousin, and this is my dad Mephiles" he said with a smirk.

"I can tell y'all are both ugly" Sonic whispered "what was that?!" The green one yelled. 'I said y'all must be related because both of y'all are ugly!!!" He yelled back as Scourge walked up to the bars "don't make me do in there and tap your mouth shut again!" He warned

I could tell he was trying to get Scourge to open the door but I wasn't to sure with the way he was going it. I gave him the signal to stop but he continued "ya if your not to slow to that is!" He teased. Scourge smirked at looked at his dad, before we could do anything Mephiles appeared in the cell with us, along with Scourge. "Do you really think I would open the door?!" He spat walking towards Sonic. Shadow and I quickly went to help him, but we couldn't move, Mephiles had his hand up, holding us in place. "Grrr let us go! And don't you dare hurt him" Shadow growled.

Sonic backed up till he was cornered , Scourge threw a fist at him and Sonic grabbed it with his good arm, till Scourge used his other hand and punched him on his arm that was still healing. "Argh!" Sonic yelled his arm, giving Scourge a opening. He quickly kneeled him in the guts and then punched him in the face, making him fall over in pain. "Next time keep your mouth shut!" He warned and walked to his dad. He threw us against the wall and they both vanished.

I got up and ran to Sonic, "are you ok?" He sat up and looked at me, he had a black eye , he didn't say anything. Shadow walked over "that didn't go how you expected it to go huh?" He asked as Sonic faced the wall "I'm useless" was all he said. Shadow and I glanced at each other "why would you think that?" I asked him.

"You have telekinesis and Shadow has chaos powers, all I have is speed, and Shadow even has that!" He said not looked no at us. "Sonic your a world wide hero, you have saved so much lives, don't say that" Shadow spoke up. Sonic turned to look at us, "tomorrow we are going to escape" he said with a smile. "You look weird with that black eye" Shadow teased. Sonic gave him a playful glare "oh hush it" he chuckled

I'm sorry this chapter sucks!! I need more ideas for this book!! Ahhhh!!! Sorry for this terrible chapter guys!!

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