Plot twist

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Before I start I know most of y'all wanted Sonic to be it....soooo here you go MUAHAHAHHA XDDD

The hedgehog smirked, icy blue orbs gleaming at his brother. Scourge walked up, grinning "want to know why we picked him?"

Sonic growled "because he is..stronger" he looked down, ears back "we won't fight you Shadow.."

Silver nodded, eyes wide as Shadow lunged forwards and pinned the two younger ones by their throats against a wall, smirking "you two are nothing to me!" He spat, roughly tossing them on the ground, the two gasping for air.

Sonic growled and got up, the two bouncing around the area at top speed, punching and kicking to win the other one. Silver quietly padded away, finding the control room, squealing as he ran around, slipping and falling on his behind. He quickly got up and started to mess with the controls.

Shadow smirked, having Sonic pinned against the wall against, fingers crushing his neck as his next hand had a spear ready to cut him in half.

Sonic squirmed, eyes watery "S-shadow...please...t-try to...remember...we..are..b-brothers!" He managed to speak, his air being cut off as Shadow tighten his grip "lier!!" Sonic's eyes closed half way, nearly limp in his grip ""

Shadow simply smirked widely, screaming filling the air before it fell deadly quite.

Should I leave it here? Muahahha okay okay I'll continue.

Sonic gasped for air, falling to his knees as Shadow laid limp on the ground, the collar having been shocked and burnt, falling off his neck. Silver happily ran over "i did it!!!" Sonic grumbled quietly and smiled before passing out due to the lack of blood.

Silver squealed and lifted them both up with his powers, walking to a small cave in the forest, this brothers passed out and floating behind him. Silver hummed and set them each in there own bed, tending to their wounds and smiling "don't worry I'll take care of you, no matter what."

Silver sat down, watching over his brothers "I promise to take care of you...I don't want to be lonely again..."

Sorry for short chapter!!!

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