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hey guys before i start i need to say sorry for the super super long wait, i has writer block and i was very busy with family matters, please fogive me!!! also if you have any idea for any of my books please let me know! thanks and now back to a very very upset Shadow hehehehehe


Crimson orbs gleamed dangerously as gloved hands slowly laid down Sonic, the blue hedehog lifeless as his head gently fell to the side, the air was thin and silent as rocket boots walked towards the base door, a few bullets fired at the ultimate form, only to be bounced aside by a lifted finger, he chest fur rasing and falling as he screamed and broke down the doors, running in.

He skated faster then the light of speed, peeping into each room till he got to the throne room and paused. Mephiles smirked darkly, Silver in his grasp as a knife was dug into his neck only slightly, telling the other that if he wasnt careful it would jerk more and kill the youngest.

Shadow snarled lowly as his voice came out deep and low "let him go!" he growled as his uncle laughed softly "if you all agree to serve me and rule by my side, i will let both you and him live....i might even have something to bring Sonic back" he grinned darkly, his teeth stained yellow as blood dripped from them, his lips seeming to have been ripped them apart to show off his razor sharp teeth.

Silver whimpered softly, fear and pain gleaming in his golden eyes as he slowly parted his lips "just explode us.." he mumbled, smiling sweetly as tears streamed down his cheeks "at less you will kill him...and i have enjoyed meeting you and Sonic, even if i get headaches" he sobbed soflty, smiling more "i loved seeing us in action and seeing Sonic drive for the first time." he sniffled and looked to Shadow "..its okay just do it...its no use any other way..'

Shadow instantly tensed up, his crimson orbs softening as he gritted his teeth in thought, the king smirking darkly "i do not have time for this, so pick, will you serve me or should i just kill him?" he smirked more, Silver crying out as he dug the knife in more

"stop!' Shadow screamed, Mephiles looking over silently, the dark one tossing a spear at his head, in a instant Mephiles dodged and jerked the knife, Silver falling lifeless to the ground as he chuckled darkly "you fool! you think i was playing!? now you lost everything! will you fall to your knees and serve me now?!" he screamed in victory.

Shadow had frozen, eyes widened as he glared over and spoke darkly "i am the ultimate life-form, i bow to no one, but i will dang sure  kill you for taking away the only family i had!" he boomed as his form took on a red glowing color, his rings from this wrist falling to the ground as he walked closer "prepare to die idiot"

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