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Before I start I just want to say sorry because I can't write fighting parts but I must try, so yup have fun

Silver and Sonic where in there cells playing Rock Paper Scissors when Shadow appeared in front of the cell, along with there uncle and cousin. The two stopped there little game and turned to look at him, Crimson eyes started at them, a bit of sadness and anger showed in them as they landed on the blue one he had just barely started to known him as his little brother.

Gold and Emerald eyes glanced at him then back at each other confused , not use to seeing the dark one like this. Mephiles spoke up "this will the last time one of y'all see e light, I-" he was cut of my Sonic "because we won't see your ugly face anymore?" He asked pretending to have a confused look on his face. He growled "no! Because you will be dead!" He almost yelled as the two inside looked at each other before speaking some very important word...

"ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS!" They both threw there hand down "noo!!!! It's no use!!" Silver yelled as Sonic beat him, "guess I have to protect them from killing you silver" he chuckled as Mephiled yelled "ENOUGH!!! SONIC YOU ARE THE ONE IM GETTING RID OF! BEC-" once more he was cut of by the blue one "because your jelly of my looks huh uncle?" He asked making a pose that made them all face palm, "NO BECAUSE YOUR ANNOYING! Shadow destroy him now!" The minute he said that the smirk from Sonic's face fell and he looked at his big bro with widened eyes "S-Shadow?"

"Sorry" he whispered before appearing in the cell and grabbing him before appearing outside of the cell and trowing him against the wall, slowly Sonic got up, his ankle hurting due to the ball of iron still chained to it. He narrowed his eyes and speed towards him, trowing a punch, quickly the dark one dodged and kicked him down from behind, making the younger one fall on his face, he pushed his face up, wiping away some blood on his cheek.

Shadow communicated with him telepathically 

Are you ok?!

Ugh..ya I'm fine, good show but can you put it down a little? I can't fight good with his chain ya know

Hehe, sure are you sure it's the chain? Or your to slow, the fastest thing alive

Sonic growled and lunged at him, at the same time his rival send a spear, cutting the chain off, "oops" the dark one chuckled a little "come on hedgehog, is that all you got?" He teased but was cut off and Sonic ran at him and send a uppercut, causing the red striped hedgehog to fly back into a wall and growl softly as he got up and glared at the smirking blue blur. In a flash of a eye he had tackled the smirk off his face and pinned the hedgehog down in a tight grip, "it ends here hedgehog" Shadow said before he was kicked of hard on the stomach by red shoes and he fly back.

He growled and got up "it ends here!" He said powering up some energy "CHOAS!" Sonic's eye widened as he found himself cornered "BLAST!!" There was a hug explosion that sent everyone backward. The smoke cleared and everyone glanced at where Sonic had been, all that was left was one of his red shoes...

Is sonic really dead?! Stay tuned to see
If u have a guess of what happened be free to comment
Silver: *sniff* he is-
Me: *covers his mouth with duck tape* shhh!!!!

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