Oh Sonic...

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Shadow p.o.v

My eyes flew open as I saw we were heading for a cliff, I looked over and saw Sonic pressing on the breaks but it wouldn't stop, I quickly took grab of the steering wheel and turned it, the car turned and we didn't fall of the cliff but crashed into a tree. There was smoke everywhere and the car looked like it had Sonic pinned into place. I quickly grabbed him and Silver and chaos controlled use out of the car.

We were all coughing as the smoke left. "Are you both ok?" I asked looking at them. "Yup in fine" said Silver looking over to make sure, he didn't even have a mark. But it was Sonic I was thinking about "and you?" I asked looking at him. He hesitated before speaking "ya of course I'm ok" he said with a stupid smile, I noticed he was holding his arm. "Hedgehog don't you dare lie to me" I mumbled as I walked towards him, he backed up till there was no more place to back up to.

"I told you in fine!" He said looking at me. I quickly grabbed his arms he was holding and put presser on it. "AHH!!" He screamed as took his arm away from my grasp. "You broke your arm didn't you?" I asked as he just looked down and his ears went back "ya" he mumbled looking at his feet.

Silver somehow had a piece of cloth and he used it to bandage Sonic's arm. "Well now that we have no car, we need to walk till we find some were to stay for the night" I said looking around till I saw a town a few miles away. "You can walk right hedgehog?" I asked looking at Sonic. "Ya I broke my arm not legs!" He complained as we started to walk.

Soon we came to the town and walked in, everyone that saw us gasped as we walked. A little bunny walked up to me and handed me a book, I took it and looked at the cover, it was blank and was locked but had no key place just a button. I held it in my hand as we found a hotel. "Hello can we buy a room for the night? 3 beds" I asked the manager that was there. "Oh yes and for y'all it is free" he said as he showed us to a huge room and left.

I sat on my bed and looked at the book, I looked at the button and put my finger on it, the minute I did it glowed gold and popped open. Sonic and Silver came and sat down on either side of me as I opened it. Sonic started to read what it said.

Once before there lived a queen and king, they ruled over many lands and one day the queen have light to a baby boy, he was a black hedgehog with red striped and eyes. The little hedgie was alone till about a year later another baby was born, it was a blue hedgehog with Emerald eyes.  The two brothers we're inseparable and son They had a new baby brother, he was a Silver hedgehog with golden eyes.

I book suddenly closed and wouldn't open again "wow do y'all think that is us?" Silver asked looking at us. "No way because we just now meet each other and we come from different times" I explained as I got ready to sleep. The two of then went in there own beds and we all fell asleep. "I wonder" I whispered before drifting off.


And there u have it muahahha another chapter

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