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Mephiles looked down at the three of them "what is your decisions?" He asked as Scourge smirked down at them. The three talked in there minds before Sonic spoke up "I will never join you!!!" He growled at him, earning and kick from behind and fall on his face, he growled and pushed his head up and glared at him.

Shadow spoke up "I'll join you, uncle" he said glancing at his brothers then back at him, "traitor!!" Sonic yelled at him growling as Silver glared "I won't join you".

" you do wish to join? Tell me why I should trust you" Mephiles spoke not believing him, Scourge raised a eyebrow. Shadow growled "because I want to know about my parents and.....get more power..." He said with a serious voice as the green one asked "what about your precious brothers?"

He glanced at them and did a very small nod before looking back "tch! I don't care bout them, we just meet and they are too weak for me" he said between his teeth as Mephiles nodded and snapped his fingers, the guards let him go and look off he cuffs. "Take you brothers back to cell, Scourge will help you."

Scourge nodded and got a hold of Silver "let's go pothead" he said pushing him to walk, he growled and started to walk. Shadow pulled Sonic to his feet and whispered in his ear "just go along with the plan" he said quickly and pushed him "move blue-hog!."

Sonic growled and walked slowly, they got near the cell were Silver was already sitting in side. Sonic dug his feet on the ground and refused to go in, Shadow growled "move it faker!" He growled "never!!!" He said as he came to a stop, "don't make me carry you!" He growled pushing him, Sonic's eyes widened but he still refused.

Shadow signed "I warned you!" He said throwing him over his shoulder and caring him inside the cage. "Hey! Put me down!!" He cried kicking his feet. He smirked and dropped him on the floor before walking out and closing the door.

They left and headed for the main room were Mephilies was waiting for them, he watched them and spoke , looking directly at Shadow "Shadow, to show you are really a part of this team u have a mission" he said evilly,  as Shadow nodded, "your first mission is this: destroy Sonic"

His eyes widened and he had a flashback of earlier that day....

Mephiles looked down at the three of them "what is your decisions?" He asked as Scourge smirked down at them....

'Guess what do we do?' Silver connected with them in their minds

We can't join him! He is the evil one!

Sonic, if we don't he will destroy us...

'What if one of us pretends to join him? And then gains their trust?'

I think shadow should..

Of course faker, I'll do it but don't cry when I have to beat u to prove it

Hehe I can hear the smirk in your voice and don't worry , we will all play along...besides....what's the worst that can happen?

Sorry if it's short , tell me what u think and bye, hope it isn't too bad

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