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Silver p.o.v

After a loooong ride of Sonic complaining he had to go to the restroom we finally stopped at a gas station and Sonic ran in. "You sure we are related?" Shadow mumbled as he got out of the car and stretched. "Yup" I replied with a chuckle as Sonic came back out "ok I did pee pee" he said as Shadow face palmed. I was about to get back into the car when suddenly we were surrounded by people with guns and they looked like a gang.

A big pitbull, the leader I'm guessing walked up to us. "Hand over all your money" he said as he looked at us but then stopped on Sonic, he smirked "or give me the blue rat" he said as he used a hand picked up Sonic by his neck. "So we meet again hero" he growled in his face. "Hey put him down!!" Shadow growled as the dog laughed "I have unfinished business with this rodent" he yelled as he threw Sonic to the ground, he cried out in pain as he fell on his broken arm.

"Hey!!!" I yelled as I felt my body heating up and my anger raising. They just hurt my bro and now they want to take him!? I don't think so "No one messes with my big bro!!" I yelled as spread my arms and all of the gang were lifted in the air and then thrown far far away. I felt a lot of energy being released and fell on my knees.

"SILVER?!" I heard my brothers calling me , but it was blurry till I opened my eyes and everything was normal again , I looked up at Sonic and Shadow "what was that?! That was awesome!" Sonic yelled as Shadow helped me up. "I-I don't know I just did it , wow" I mumbled as I looked around to see the hundreds of guys were gone.

Shadow was driving now and I picked up the book this time and opened it, I started to read it out loud

When the 3 brothers meet again they will discover powers they didn't not know they had , these will be unlocked by strong emotions like sadness, joy, fright, and the need to protect others. Any descendents of the royal family can open this book as well. They will have to learn how to be at peace with each other as well.

The book closed and we all stayed quiet. "So Blueberry, what's up with that guy and wanting to get you?" Shadow asked as Sonic growled at the nickname "it's a long story" he mumbled as I turned to look at him, "we have a long way to go" I said as he signed "fine, well you see his brother was bad so I put him in jail, then he came after me and I beat him......but during that....his brother....well.....he died.......and he blames it on me but it wasn't my fault!!!! I would never kill any one!!!" He exclaimed as he closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

He looked kind of scared I started to think, he doesn't like people getting killed. I looked over at Shadow and he looked like he was thinking. We stayed quiet as we drove and I kept wondering about my new brothers and what there life's had been like.

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