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Sonic was running he felt sad and frustrated, Tails and everyone else didn't understand him they didn't understand that running meant a lot for him. He kept running not looking back, he just ran and ran. He suddenly stopped at a old looking building , it was broken down and looked terrible. His shoes made a squeak sound as he stopped and he slowly walked up to the building and with his hand he rubbed some dust away, reveling a symbol that looked like a hedgehog . His eyes widened as the symbol changed and it turned into a Eggman symbol.

"Wha-" he didn't get to finish his sentence or run as a metal claw wrapped around him and lifted him up "hohohoho! If it isn't the blue loser" Sonic looks up to come face to face with Dr.Eggman. "Grrr let me go Eggface! I'm not in the mood" he growled trying to break free, the metal claw threw him and he crash into a tree. Before he could get up he was hit and went flying, crashing into the ground and leaving a huge hole. He felt pain all over and just laid there.

"Time to end this rodent" the robot was a few inches over Sonic, ready to finish him off.... 

Hey guys so ya I'm starting a new book but don't worry I will finish the rest I have started but I was just thinking about this idea so I'll try it out , comment what you think about it so far and thx

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