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Mar came back with their orders, setting them down and walking over to get other orders. The brothers started to eat happily, the green one smirking, slowly getting up and walked over, staying hidden.

Shadow's ears perked up as he quickly dodged, a fist flying by his face "nice try Scourge." He growled, getting up and tossing chaos spears at the smirking green one.

Silver yelped as someone wrapped a hand around his mouth, pulling him back as he squirmed around.

Sonic ears perked as he was knocked off his feet, falling straight on his back, growling.

Smoke soon filled the room, eyes falling heavy as the brothers passes out. Scourge smirked "perfect, bring the one and leave the other two."

The two other helpers nodded and picked up one of the brothers, carrying him out as Scourge tied up the other two back to back on the floor, a note neatly folded up next to them.

Mephiles chuckled darkly as they brought the hedgehog in, squirming and kicking around "let me go!" Mephiles shook his head "I'm afraid you have to wait till your brothers come." He said as Scourge placed a collar around the hedgehog's neck, right when he did his eyes turned a icy blue color, freezing.

Mehpiles seemed to smirk "now walk in the cage." The hedgehog nodded and walked like a robot over, entering the cage and locking himself in. "Now we wait."

The sets of eyes slowly opened, glancing around as they squirmed free of the ropes, the oldest of the two finding the note and opening it, reading it before tossing it away, growling "if he want to play then let's go get our brother back." He smirked, the second one agreeing.

The two ran off towards the base, knocking out a few of the soldiers as they ran in, behind stopped by a hedgehog, with glowing icy blue eyes.

"surrender or die....brothers "


Please don't kill me for the short chapter *hides* but I have writers block right now

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