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Shadow p.o.v ((hope y'all don't mind if I do this one like this))

I glance around at the surprised faces in the room, my heart is pounding in my ears as I stared at his shoe. I glance at Silver, he has a hand over his mouth, Mephiles and Scourge seemed very surprised. I cross my arms and look at them "easy" I growl before walking off. I pick up his shoe as I pass by and head to my new room Mephiles has gave me.

I walk in, looking around at the black and red room. I sign quietly and put down the shoe on a table and lazily fall back on the small bed that's beside the only window I have, the sun is shinning threw and I relax slithy, ears down.

I couldn't stand it anymore and got up, remembering I didn't have my Emerald with me I crawled to the door and peeked out, sneaking out and looking for a Emerald to leave quickly. I walk backward till I feel someone behind me and quickly turn fast, coming face to face with blue eyes. "Oh scourge it's just you" I said relaxing.

He raised a eyebrow at me, "what do u want stripes?" He asked me. My eyes widen slightly and I think "hey cuz u think u can let me use your Emerald for a few hours?" I asked making a fake smile. He glared before tossing me a Emerald "sure, just don't be gone for long" he mumbled and walked away.

I smiled and grabbed the red shoe before teleporting to a small cave, the place we all agreed to meet if something ever happened, I walk in and glance around, spotting a small fire going and beside it, a curled up blue ball.

I walk up to him, his fur is dirty and he has a scar on his cheek, a quickly sit down near him and pull him into my lap, hugging my little brother, "Sonic" I whisper, slowly his Emerald eyes open up and he looked up at me "Shadow? What are u doing here?" He asked rubbing his eyes. "I know I said I was going to come at night but I had to make sure you were ok" I mumbled looking away.

My crimson eyes look down at him and he makes a kissy face at me "aww I knew u care ultimate softly" he laughed at me, I growled and pushed his face away, dropping him on the ground and tossing him his shoe, "hey u messed up my shoe!" He complained as he slipped it on.

He tossed me my emerald back and I threw it as his head "kept it, you might have to chaos control again" I said glancing at him, he smiled at me and my ears went down, I had hurt him in that fight and he was hiding it from me, what a great brother I am.

I guess he noticed because he walked up to me and gave me a hug , I tensed up at first but hugged him back. "I can make you purr" he said out of the blue. My eyes widen and I look at him "what?! No u can't" I almost yell.

He smirked before reaching behind my ear and scratching it, I tensed up as a small purr escaped my throat and I smacked his hand away "stop that!" He laughed at me "aw cmon I can make you purr more" he said chasing me around the cave. I guess this is payback.

Hey look I'm alive! Lol sorry for not updating sooner guys and yes u where right he did live

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