Chapter seven ( Tourney Practice)

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Dove's POV
Today we are shooting our first day of school in Aurdon and I'm hoping that it will be great because we will get to see the classrooms and more. So I got ready and put on some jeans and a purple t-shirt. And I told Mitchell to get ready because he is still sleeping, he must got tired when he played chess in his phone last night, I can see his sleeping peacefully then I got a frying pan and spoon then I started banging the spoon in the pan and it is so loud that it waked Mitch, and if you look at his face he was like almost eaten by a zombie hehehe I'm so mean.( that's a joke)

Mitchell's POV
I was sleeping peacefully and my dream is perfect, but it became a nightmare because of a loud sound that I don't understand then I wake up and see Dove with a frying pan and a spoon. Dove what are you doing. Um waking you up. Why it's 6:o00 in the morning. We need to be there around 8:30 and if we get caught in traffic we will be late and Kenny will get angry at us. Alright I'll get ready just wait for me in 30 minutes.
After 30 minutes and 39 seconds................
Im ready lets go now or we will be late...
We arrived on time and the cast are all there now we are the one who is late again
Kenny: why are you too late?
Dove: Mitchell is the one late not me (hehehe)
Mitchell: WHAT!
Dove: yup he is late, he is the one who played all night and ended up sleeping at 12:00
Mitchell: oh alright I'm the one who is late
Kenny: alright guys get ready now we have a scene to do

The cast did the locker scene where Ben and Mal are in the lockers, then they did the tourney practice and the scene here Jay and Carlos try out for tourney.

Dove's POV
We finished doing the first locker scene then we started doing the scene where Jay and Carlos try out in the game tourney, but I'm not in that scene because that game is for boys. After they finished shooting the scene we saw Booboo,Mitchell,Cameron so sweaty. Then I feel someone is coming after me so I ran, but he catch me and I saw his his face and its Mitchell he hugged me and he was so sweaty." Get of me"!

Mitchell's POV
We finished shooting the tourney practice and we are so sweaty so I taught this is an opportunity to have revenge on Dove for waking me with a frying pan. So I ran after her and hugged her with and not even bother with all the sweat in me.

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