Chapter nine

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Recap: he hugged me and whispered something in my ears that made me blush and slap him in the cheeks slightly.

Dove's POV
He whispered in my ears that he liked me more than a friend and that made me blush and slap him because he's acting so weird so I slapped him in the cheeks slightly. Mitch are you pranking me I asked him with a weird look at my face. No I'm not pranking you it's true, Mitch said giving me a sweet smile. Your so weird Mitch.

Mitchell's POV
I whispered to Dove that I like her more than a friend, but she didn't believe me because I have girlfriend and she thought I'm pranking her so I decided to tell Tayla that........................................................

Almost there


Almost there


Sorry for the cliffhanger and the short chapter I'm just bored and I run out of ideas. Please suggest some ideas and I will try to put it in the story. And thank you for reading and voting for my book. And thank you CrishellePhoebeYu . And thank you for those who added my book to there reading list and voting it.

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