Chapter three ( the apartment )

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Dove's POV
We head back to my apartment and I showed Mitchell the rooms and his room and I gave him a tour and he liked the apartment. So Mitch do you like your room and also the apartment? I said giving him a smile. Of course, I love it thank you. Um I'm going to get my things in the hotel so I was thinking do you want to come with me, he said nervously. Sure and we can grab something to eat, I said jumping to Mitchell. Ok let's go now, we went to the hotel room of Mitchell has many things so I helped him pack, then I saw a picture of him and a girl I think it's his girlfriend and I'm being slightly jealous  I don't know why. And we finished packing so we headed to Starbucks to get some coffee and eat some snacks. And we headed back to our apartment and I helped him get settled then I'm trying to give him a prank and he fell for it I'm laughing so hard I fell on the floor. Then he started chasing me and pretending he's a lion trying to eat me, we are having fun then someone knock on the door.

Opens the door.............

And it's Sofia, Cameron and Booboo, what are you doing here guys, I said to them giving them a confused look. We just want to hang out at your place, Sofia said smiling. Whoa I don't know you live with Mitchell, and you look like your chased by a bull dog or something, Cameron said giving us a grin. Oh we are just playing around, I prank him and he want revenge so he chased me around the apartment until I get tired I said with catching my breath  and they are like wow. Then Sofia told me something..............................
( cliff hanger )

So we decided to go to a beach because they wanted to hang out and our apartment is boring because it only has few things to have fun with.And we headed to a beach and it was windy good thing I didn't wear my bikini hehehehe. So we sat in the sand and set a campfire and tents because we're camping in the beach because we already packed tents so we grab something to eat and play truth or dare and believe me Sofia's dares are super hard she even dared me to kiss a shark I was like where can I find a shark in this time. Then after we talk and talk we decide to go to sleep and by the way I share a tent with Sofia and the boys have a huge tent they are so lucky.

In the morning................................

We packed our things and headed home.
After we got home me and Mitchell sat on the couch and watched a movie then I fell asleep then I felt someone carried me and I know it's Mitchell because we are the only person in the apartment and he's so warm and toasty and I don't want him to put me down( what is happening to me ).

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