Chapter twenty ( what now!!! )

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Knock, knock, knock✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻
Dove's POV
I opened the door and its Ryan again!

"What are you doing here again!!!😡, I said frustratedly

" I'm here to win you back Dove, he said romantically

"No ! I have my own life now, just leave me here with Mitch! I said to him

" Who's that guy you always talk about? He asked

"He's my boyfriend, so get out! I said closing the door

Mitchell's POV
I was in my room then suddenly I heard Dove opening the door and she suddenly begin to shout, then I realize she only shouts when someone is bugging her and I know that someone. It's Ryan.

Sorry guys for not updating, here you go my 20th chapter sorry if it's short I got busy and my laziness came to me so sorry. Guys I recommend you to read dovell1530 story the title is dovell: start of something new

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