Chapter fifteen ( the surprise date)

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Recap: Dove will you be my date? Yes yes yes I will be your date

Dove's POV
I can't believe it my first date with Mitch I'm so excited for his suprise. Mitch what's your surprise for me, it's a secret, he said giving me a strange smile.

Mitchell's POV
I have a surprise to Dove and she keeps asking me what is the surprise and keeps doing that puppy dog eyes to me, and she's really cute when she did that. I'm so happy where going on a date.

Third POV
The two love birds went to the park and Mitchell blindfolded Dove for his surprise at the park. Mitch what's this? I asked him smiling a little bit. He held my hand and remove my blindfold, then I saw the cast of Descendants forming a big circle, then I went to the circle and saw a big cake with a ring in a middle saying" I love you".

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