Chapter twenty-four (visit)

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Dove's POV

We began eating our bowl of Lucky Charms and as usual Mitch is super excited to eat it.

"So Mitch how about telling me that dream of yours, I said while eating

"Well you see there is this girl with blonde hair and well she told me she didn't know me yet! And she said she need to meet me with my girlfriend! He said while eating his favorite cereal

"Um wait a minute! I think I know who that girl is! I said while my eyes began to widen

"Well who is she? He asked

"It's none other than my sister! Claire! Cause she didn't know I have a new boyfriend! I said

"Okay! So let's visit her now! And we also need to move to L.A now cause you know your tv show Liv and Maddie! He said finishing his bowl of cereal

"Yay! I'm so excited! Ahhhh I love you so much! I said doing a nose kiss to Mitchell

"I love you too Dovey Doo! He said and respond to my nose kiss

After eating and cleaning the dishes....

"So let's pack our bags and head to the airport so! I said entering in my room

"Yeah! Okay tell me when your done! He replied

After 1 hour........


The two are done packing so they went outside locked the door and gave the keys to the owner of the apartment. Then they went to find a taxi..........

They found one and enters the taxi and Mitchell is being a gentleman.....

"Um sir to the airport please  thanks! Mitchell said to the driver

Then the two couple smiled and hold hands in the taxi, then the driver saw them glancing into eachother's eyes

"Well I see you two are a lovely couple! The driver said with a friendly voice

"aww thanks! They both replied

After 39 minutes......

They finally arrived in the airport! So they settled things up and waited for another 30 minutes... But then they saw R**n with another girl! It's not Tayla... And they don't know who the girl is but they just didn't care about him anymore

But Ryan saw the and approached them.

"Well, well,well look what I found in the airport! Two lovebirds! Well your leaving already! He said with a mischievous tone

They were furious but they just didn't reply to what he said, instead they went to a different sit.

After another 30 minutes.....

"Flight to L.A now boarding

.......... the plane

"I'm so excited! Ahhh Mitch you'll like her! She's the sweetest sister I ever have! Dove said excitedly

"Yeah she sure is! Mitchell said with a cheeky smile

Then after a few hours Dove began falling a sleep, then her head leaned on Mitchell's shoulder, then Mitchell puts his arm on Doves arm and he began falling asleep.

......skip to the airport.......

Dove's POV

"Mitch were finally here! Aahhh come on we still have to find a place to stay! I said pulling Mitch's arm

To be continued.........

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