Chapter twenty - one ( what are you doing here!)

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Recap: I heard Dove opened the door and heard her shout!

Mitchell's POV

I heard Dove shout so I quickly went to her and saw that jerk! Why is he here! Oh I know what his doing he wants Dove back, ooh I won't let him!

"What are you doing here!? I said to him

"I'm here to get my girlfriend back! He said putting his hands on Doves hands

"No! I won't go with you! I'm happy with Mitch, he makes me really happy! Dove said pulling her hand away from Ryan

"But I need you in my life! He said trying to pull Dove in his grasp

"Can't you see I'm happy with Mitchell now! He makes me happy in the way you can't! Dove said with tears falling in her eyes

I saw Dove how she puts me over him....I saw crying so hugged her and she hugged back...

Go away Ryan!! She don't need you! You'll just hurt her feelings!! I said pushing him away

"Fine! But I will be back!! He said leaving the door

"Don't ever come back!!! I said shouting at him


"He's gone now don't cry Dove he's gone! I said comforting Dove

"Good thing he's gone. Dove said hugging me

"Dove? Do you want to visit the cast tomorrow? I asked Dove

"Of course!! But first let's sleep now

"Okay good night Dove! I said kissing her in the cheeks

"Good night sweetie! She said going in her room

I went to my room and slept peacefully but I had a strange feeling something bad is going to happen...

Hi guys hope you like this chapter, and sorry if I tried to end this book, but now I won't end it cause I don't want a bad ending to happen so here you have it! Please vote and comment if you like it. Thanks

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