Chapter ten ( Confession)

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Recap: so I decide to tell Tayla that....................

Mitchell's POV
I decided to tell Tayla that I have lost my feelings for her and tell her now,I'm going to Australia to tell her in person because it's so rude if I tell that in the phone. So I booked a flight to Australia and I'm leaving in one week. I told my cast mates that I need a friend to accompany me and everyone said ,Dove go with Mitch he need you, then suddenly I saw her blush. So you want to come with me in Australia I asked her. Yes!but don't tell my boyfriend hehehe, she said cheerfully.

After one week.................

Dove's POV
Me and Mitch will go to Australia because Mitch wanted to talk to Tayla in person and he need a friend to go with him so everyone picked me and I'm exited to go to Australia

After 13 hours....................

We arrived 12:00 am and we are so tired so we check in ,in a hotel and go to sleep............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..............................

In the morning

We went to Mitch's apartment and he found Tayla watching tv so he found the opportunity to talk to her.

Mitchell: Tayla we need to talk
Tayla: Mitch why are you here, I taught your filming a movie? And who is that girl?
Mitchell: first it's our day off and second is she is my co- star in a movie
Tayla: what do you want to talk about?
Mitchell: it's hard to tell you but I'm gonna say it
Tayla: what
Mitchell: I lost my feelings for you and I want to break up with you
Tayla: what! ( with tears falling in her eyes)
Mitchell: I'm sorry but I lost my feelings for you. Blame all to me stay mad at me I don't care punch me slap me to get your anger out if your angry at me.
Tayla: no it's okay I forgive you, me too I lost my feelings for you I just don't know how to tell you that I'm sorry too.
Mitchell: okay I'm sorry, good bye
Tayla: goodbye

Tayla's POV
I can't believe he broke up with me, I don't know what hit him ugh I'm so angry at him.
Maybe that co- star is his new girlfriend and he replace me ugh.

Dove's POV
Um Mitch I hate to interrupt what did you talk about? Oh I break up with Tayla. What! Why did you do that? Because I like someone else . Who is that someone else your inlove? I will tell you in the park. He said giving me a evil smile.

The two went to the park and talk a little then Dove asked Mitchell who is the girl he like then Mitchell confessed the truth to Dove.

Dove: Mitch who's the girl you like
Mitchell: Dove I have a confession to make
                           " I LOVE YOU"
Dove: What!! I have a boyfriend
Mitchell: but I love you

Dove's POV
Then saw a Instagram post of Ryan with a girl that looked familiar to me the I started crying and hugging Mitchell because of what I saw.

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