Chapter eight ( unforgettable date scene)

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(Time skip to the date scene)
Mitchell's POV
We will do the date scene and I'm so exited because I wanted to tell Dove that I like her in that scene.
Dove's POV
We will do the most awaited scene, the date scene yay. Because I'm going to sing If only and that is emotional, it's really really emotional.😈

Third person's POV
The two of them are exited because there doing a scene together and they don't know that they are feeling the same way about each other. But Mitchell knows that Dove has a crush on him but he knows he's only a friend for her. But what if they confess there feelings what will happen?

(Time skip to the scene)

( time skip after the scene)
Dove's POV
After filming the date scene Mitchell approach me and said I'm sorry because he pranked me while singing the really emotional song if only so he apologised so where good now. Then suddenly he hugged and whispered something in my ears

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