Chapter twenty-three ( what! Wait...what!)

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Recap: I suddenly woke up!

Mitchell's POV

I woke up with a big question in my mind! "WHAT THE WHAT!!!! Is that dream about.

So I decided to think in the living room....I began thinking who that girl is! Is she Tayla!...... No it can't be that's not her voice! It can't be Dove either cause I know her voice...

I'm thinking so much I began to sleep again....and this dream made me question again..


I'm in a dark scary room, and I began to wonder why am I doing there.......then that girl began to appear again....and told me this kind words..." Mitchell I don't know you yet but, I need to meet you with your girlfriend" ........ I began seeing her face and she's ...........

But someone woke me up!

"Good morning Mitchy Moo! Dove said waking me up for breakfast

"Good morning Dovey Doo! Hehehe I guess that's our morning nicknames now, I said giggling

"So how was your sleep? I see you slept here in the living room! She said looking so worried

"I had a strange dream and I don't know what it means so I went to think here and I began to sleep again. I said

"Okay let's talk about that dream later let's have breakfast first! Guess what is it!, she said

"LUCKY CHARMS!!! I said happily

To be continued......

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