Chapter twelve ( set it off )

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(Time skip to the last scene of the movie) Set it off!!!!

Dove's POV
This is the day that I will tell the whole truth about my feelings to Mitch and the last day of filming Descendants, I'm exited and nervous at the same time because we worked hard on this last scene for so long and I might mess up but that's alright.

SET IT OFF !!!!!!!

We had our break after dancing and it's the right time to tell Mitch mg feelings for him.
Um Mitch, I just want to talk to you about something, what is it Dove? I want to confess something to you, ok I'm listening, I LOVE YOU!!!, I said it out loud and everyone heard me and all cheered for me and Mitch, I love you too Dove, he said giving me a warm hug.

Hi guys this it Dove's confession to Mitch. Do you like it? Sorry for not updating just a little busy but here it is. Please vote and comment some suggestions or request for the story and I'll try to put it in my book. Thank you for all added my book to your reading list and voting and for your wonderful comments. And to those who followed me thank you very much.

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