Chapter six ( first Aurdon scene)

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Dove's POV
Yesssss!! Our first scene in Aurdon I'm so exited to do a scene with Mitch, wait what, what am I thinking. So I get ready and when I got out of my room I see Mitch already awake and eating something, so I join him and we eat some bread and we eat bacon and some orange juice, after we eat we went to the place we will do the scene and I'm so excited to see Aurdon. After 30 minutes they arrived in the set and they are too early. We arrived in the set and we are too early so we wait for the other cast and walk and talk about each other and tell jokes then we heard someone coming so we decided to pull a prank. They prank someone and its................. Kenny.
Dove: boom!
Mitchell: boom!
Kenny: ahhhhh( screamed so loud)
Mitchell: oh sorry Kenny hehehe
Dove: hehehe sorry Kenny ( both laugh so loud)
Kenny: what are you two doing here, it's too early
Dove: wee exited to see Aurdon, I mean, I'm excited to see Aurdon,because Mitch already saw it so I'm excited.
Mitchell: yeah she is so excited
Kenny: well you should practice your scene and get ready
Dove : ok
Mitchell: let's practice
First Impression: Descendants
Ben: this is a momentous occasion and one I hope will go down in history, chocolate,and the day our two peoples begone too heal.
Mal: or the day that you show four peoples where the bathrooms are
Ben: a little bit over the top
Mal: more than a little bit
( both chuckle)
Kenny: that was great
Dove and Mitchell: thank you

Third person's POV
Then the cast arrived and they get ready and they made the scene.
After the scene, the cast made there rehearsal in the last scene Set it off.
And they went home.............

Mitchell's POV
We went home and Dove fell asleep in the couch again so I carry her and put her in her bed and then she hugged me while she's asleep, I don't know why but I kinda like it. So I left and she sleep quietly.

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