Chapter 01- ✔️

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"I'm off, Mrs. Baines. Sorry for the trouble I have caused you all," I say, directing my apologies towards my adopted family.

"Oh sweetie, don't say that. You were fantastic," Mrs. Baines, my adopted mother lies while she grabs my bags for me. It's quite obvious she's never liked me.

"Oh, well thank you," I say with a fake smile on my face. I can tell she's lying by the way she looks at me, and how her posture is. She never twiddles her fingers unless she is lying. "Anyways... I will not miss you two at all," I mutter as I look at my adopted sisters. "Yes, I'm glad I'm leaving you two," I state once more in agreement with myself.

"I won't miss you at all," One shrugs with a smirk plastered on her face.

"I have to agree. Have fun in London. I hope I never see you again..." The other mumbles the last sentence. I smile back and they scoff. Then I look at my adopted father.

"I actually do hope I see you again," I truthfully state. He smiled back an actual genuine smile. He's always been so kind. I almost wish I had a real father like him... Although, wishes don't ever come true.

"Have fun in London, kid. Keep in touch," he mumbles as he places my hat on my head. I straighten my back before turning away with a nod.

"Bye," I spit out before walking out of the door. I shut it behind me, not looking back. I walk out to the shuttle that is going to drop me off at the airport. I look at the driver before internally sighing.

"What a wretch," I whisper under my breath, thankful he doesn't hear me. I move to the back of the bus. I look at a few people who are sitting up ahead before I lay back in the seat. I grab out my earbuds and put them in.

I don't really like music. Especially new music. Honestly, I don't really listen to music. I'm very picky in what I like, but I mostly like classical. I scroll through my playlist and pick a song. I close my eyes, and fall asleep.


I am woken up by a young woman shaking me. She pulls her hand away after I stand up.

Left handed
Early twenties
Self conscious

"Hello," I smile as I grab my bag. I look at the woman and continue smiling and she shyly smiles back. "Who are you?"

"Amanda, no one important, but I wanted to wake you up b-before you missed your plane..." She stutters with an unsure smile.

"Well, Amanda. May I ask why you- No wait! You were made fun of," I conclude and her eyes widen. She sends out a nervous laugh. She looks around, unsure of what I am speaking of.


I look closer.


"Oh. I mean, I don't judge. Love who ever. I mean, I actually don't care. Thank you," I spit out before I run off the shuttle.

"Oh," I hear her whisper as I walk off.


"Look out. Move," I mumble under my breath, trying to shove past people who are taking way too long. We were given legs for a reason, let's use them.

"I believe it's pronounced as excuse me," a woman says as she turns around to face me. I roll my eyes at her pathetic-ness.

"I believe it's pronounced as 'I don't care'," I inform the woman as I trail by. I manage to get my plane ticket and an hour later I am on the plane.


I find my seat next to a window. I sit there and wait for the plane to take off. Then, someone sits next to me. I look over at the woman.

"Hello," I greet before looking back out the window. Then a woman sits in front of me with her baby that is at least a year old. Then a father with a son who is at least six, sits behind me. I internally groan again. Then soon the plane takes off.


I cover my ears as the baby in front of me screams as if it were just brutally stabbed. I scoot forward in my seat so I can't feel the child behind me kicking it. Then, in a matter of seconds my patience vanishes.

"Can you shut your child up!?" I yell at the mother in front of me. "Can you please tell your kid to quit kicking my seat!?" I shout at the man behind me and many people look at me in shock. "I am so- No. I'm not sorry, actually," I say aloud as I sit forward in my seat again. "Children never have respect for anybody anymore," I spit out.

"Excuse you?" A woman questions in shock. "Who do you think you are?"

"A slightly sociopathic Consulting Detective. Why, did I say something wrong?" I inquire with a straight face.

"W-well, no. I mean that was rude," she stutters. What a low life. She tries to stand up for herself only to end up looking weak.

"W-well.." I mimic her. "I'm a rude person," I reply bluntly.

"I can see that," another says with a snarky attitude. My head whips to the direction of the voice.

"Yes, and is that a problem?" I ask aloud. "I honestly think you shouldn't be arguing with me. My IQ is higher than you two combined, please choose your battles wisely." I look at the silent people. A slight smirk appears on my face before I look out the window once again.


Soon, I finally arrive at my destination. After getting off the plane and taking a train I went straight to the apartment my adopted parents paid the first year of rent for. I walk inside, and look around at the empty apartment.


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