Organised Chaos - Sherlock x Reader by ben-is-a-nerdfighter
Organised Chaos - Sherlock x Readerby Kris
Sherlock x Reader "Love is giving someone the power to destroy you... But trusting them not to." - Unknown You are John's baby sister, visiting him in London f...
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  • moriarty
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BBC Sherlock Imagines by drayizzle
BBC Sherlock Imaginesby drayizzle
The hiatus is killing me. Taking requests for any characterxcharacter, or characterxreader.
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  • holmes
  • shot
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BBC Sherlock Imagines (Book 2) by drayizzle
BBC Sherlock Imagines (Book 2)by drayizzle
The hiatus is still killing me and I'm still writing. #SHERPRESSION (Requests are always open for any characters)
  • fanfiction
  • bbc
  • watson
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Sherlock Imagines and Preferences (BBC) by imjusttooawesomeokay
Sherlock Imagines and Preferences...by James M
Will include: - Sherlock - John - Mycroft - Lestrade - Moriarty - Molly - Irene GENDER NEUTRAL
  • imagines
  • johnlock
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Sherlock x reader one shots, Smut and fluff, COMPLETED by gay_memes_333
Sherlock x reader one shots, Smut...by gay_memes_333
This is a one shot book with many different story's and You can request story's as well also it has Smut, enjoy. Disclaimer: I do not own any character they all belong...
  • jimmoriarty
  • lestrade
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Sherlock x reader. by mattyvir
Sherlock x reader.by mattyvir
I don't even know what this is. *sips tea* Enjoy. You are Greg Lestrade's niece and he manages to find you a place to stay. It is the flat 221c underneath 221b. Greg act...
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Sherlock One-Shots and Preferences (Requests Open) by Cinchester17
Sherlock One-Shots and Preferences...by Chloe the Hunter
A collection of sherlock one-shots and preferences including: -Sherlock -John -Mycroft -Lestrade -Moriarty REQUESTS ARE ACCEPTED!! (I do not own Sherlock BBC or its char...
  • sherlockxreader
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You Are My Mystery (Sherlock Holmes Fanfiction) by agent_april
You Are My Mystery (Sherlock Holme...by April Marie
#5 in #sherlock She finally moved out of her adopted house. See, being a sociopath, people tend to not like you. That also includes her birth parents. At the age of ten...
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SHERLOCK IMAGINES by DarkKnightoftheSoul
"I was not aware I was explaining the concept of endearment and devotion to a child." The detective runs a hand through his black hair, ruffling the already me...
  • sebastian
  • mystery
  • sad
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|Sherlock Imagines| by VelvetVanity
|Sherlock Imagines|by Loki’s Witch Bitch
Imagines + Preferences from the BBC show Sherlock Ranks: #3 in 221b #5 in John Watson #5 in Moriarty #10 in bbc #29 in Sherlock
  • greglestrade
  • wattpride
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BBC Sherlock X-Reader Oneshots by _benaddicted
BBC Sherlock X-Reader Oneshotsby justiceforbarton
{COVER MADE BY THE WONDERFUL @redcoatisa } one shots and imagines of our lovely sherlock characters and you! \\ includes stories with ben, martin, rupert, etc. Enjoy :)
  • lestrade
  • johnwatson
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Sherlock Imagines/Preferences by livluvlaugh13
Sherlock Imagines/Preferencesby Liv
Just the main characters featured in imagines and preferences from BBC's Sherlock
  • andrewscott
  • greglestrade
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Run (Sherlock x Reader) by whisper_willow
Run (Sherlock x Reader)by Wanderer Statoris
A mysterious girl on the run from someone unknown. She intrigues the worlds only Consulting Detective and has been friends with his brother for years. As fate would ha...
  • bbc
  • outofcharacter
  • sherlock
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The King's Crown - Jim Moriarty by we_aretheyoung
The King's Crown - Jim Moriartyby Oli
〝 ɴᴏ ᴏɴᴇ ᴇᴠᴇʀ ɢᴇᴛs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ, ᴀɴᴅ ɴᴏ ᴏɴᴇ ᴇᴠᴇʀ ᴡɪʟʟ. 〞 ...
  • sebastianmoran
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  • jamesmoriarty
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Requiting by nerd2711
Requitingby nerd2711
Requite(v.)- respond to love or emotion; make an appropriate return for a favor, service, or wrongdoing; return a favor to someone ~Book II of the Remembering Series~ Af...
  • rosalindflynn
  • johnwatson
  • moriarty
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Watching BBC's Sherlock by CSP2708
Watching BBC's Sherlockby Natalia S. A. Peterson
Watching Sherlock [BBC TV series] Transcript written by Ariane DeVere a.k.a. Callie Sullivan Story written by ~CSP2708~ a.k.a. Natalia S. A. Peterson After Sherlock's de...
  • series
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Sherlock preferences  by abigailou
Sherlock preferences by Abi
Friday updates. You know the drill, just your average Sherlock cast x reader preferences Characters: Sherlock Mycroft Greg John Moriarty Molly Moran Mary Anthea Irene...
  • lestrade
  • preferences
  • sherlockholmes
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Sherlock Imagines And One- Shots by retr0_gh0st
Sherlock Imagines And One- Shotsby ♡
Sherlock X reader Different relationships, scenarios etc.
  • romance
  • female
  • moriarty
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Welcome to Baker Street by Nighttime-words
Welcome to Baker Streetby Nighttime-words
When Giulia - a new in town girl in desperate need of an accommodation, walks through the door of 221B Baker Street for the first time, she is catapulted into a mysterio...
  • bakerstreet
  • sherlock
  • fanfiction
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I am not lonely [Mystrade] by BillySHolmes
I am not lonely [Mystrade]by Sonny Lazarus
Mycroft Holmes is apparently a very happy man. He have an important job, a stable relationship with a Scotland Yard officer since a couple of years and a -slightly annoy...
  • lestrade
  • mycroft
  • ongoing
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