Chapter 5

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As we got to Jack's house, I noticed his parents weren't home.

"Where are your parents?" I asked.

"They are on a business trip, they will be home in 5 days," he said.

I nodded and he unbuckled his seatbelt. He ran out of the car and to my side to get me.

He picked me up and Carried me to the door.

"I'm not injured you know."

"I need to make it up to you, for what happened tonight," he said

"For saving me? You didn't do anything wrong," I said.

"It happened. And If I was with you the whole time, it wouldn't have," he said being mad at him self.

He put me down as he shut the door behind him.

"I'll put the heater on." He said

"Uh hey." I started.

"Yeah?" He asked.

"Can I barrow some pjs." I asked.

"Always.." He continued.

"Uh, and some underwear... That creep still has mine," I said.

"I only have boxers." He said.

"That's fine," I finished.

He laughed and turned on the heater. He walked into his room and grabbed a shirt, pj pants, and boxers for me.

"Here you go." He said while handing them to me.

"You can change in my room." He said.

I walked into his room and took off my dress that was now ruined with rips.

I put on his boxers and pj pants and his shirt. I didn't have a bra on because the dress I wore wasn't made to have a bra with is so I was going braless in his shirt.

I walked out and he had folded blankets in his hands.

"I was gonna bring these to my room so we would be comfy tonight." He said.

"Thanks, you can go get changed, I was gonna get some water." I said while hugging him.

He kissed my head and walked away to get changed and put the blankets on his bed.

I got my glass of water and Walked to Jack's room. I was so tired. Tonight made me burnt out.

"Here do you want some? I asked while handing him the water.

"Sure!" he said while grabbing the water.

"Your so hot when u drink water." I said while he drank.

He stopped drinking.

"You say that every time." He said while kissing my head again.

I got in his bed and snuggled up in all the blankets.

He turned off his lamp and hopped in next to me.

He spooned me and put his hand through my shirt to touch my bare stomach.

(He always does this)

He started to move his hand upwards and upwards. He touched my boob.

"Oh my god why didn't you tell you weren't wearing a bra before i touched you. Oh my god C." He said while moving his hand back down to my stomach.

" i didn't know I had to tell you, I mean I am wearing your boxers." I said.

I flipped around so that my face was against his chest. I snuggled up my face and grabbed him tightly. He grabbed he even tighter and started to lightly rub my back.

The he always does this when either I'm nervous about something or had a bad day.

He laughed and kissed my head again.

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