Chapter 1

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"C what movie are we watching tonight??"

hi I'm Cher. The guy that just said that is my bestfriend Jack. We are ALWAYS hanging out. always. Every Friday night we have a movie night with popcorn, candy, and snuggle time. (Yes we snuggle and cuddle but we aren't dating we are just friends) every Friday we switch off with who picks the movie. Tonight is my night.

"Jack, I was thinkingggggg, Starstruck??" I said with my cute begging face.

(Starstruck has been my favorite movie since 2010 and I pick it almost every time.)

"Again? Okay. But I pick the candy out after school." He said while grabbing the keys to his white jeep.

(I get ready for school at his house every single day and he takes me to school every single day. I practically live there. I have my own closet full of my clothes and I sleep here ALL the time)

"Fine. Can you see my bra threw this shirt?"

"Let me look." He said while his eyes started beaming at my chest.

"Nah your good." He said while putting a thumbs up.

I smiled and grabbed my purse backpack (or whatever u call them) and walked out the door.


"After first period meet me in the boys locker room" Jack said.

"I have GYM remember. I can't skip it."

"I wrote you a tardy note it's ok." Jack said while handing me an official tardy card.

"How did you get this???" I asked with concern

"I'm popular remember." Jack said while winking.

(Jack is pretty popular in Pacific High, a lot of girls what him because he is hot and I can't lie his isn't bad looking.)

(I'm not very cool. I play CALL OF DUTY and random video games and would rather sleep than go outside. Jack loves playing video games with me but i guess it's cool when he does it or something)

"Whatever. Ok I'll meet you. Why though?"

"It's a secret. Shhhh." He said.

(When we first meet he said that exact same thing. I've never forgotten it)

"Ok. I have to go to class." I said while waving.

*jack slaps my butt*

"Love you babe!" Jack says while winking

*i stick the middle finger out and walk away*

"HARSH! OUR LOVE WILL ALWAYS BE REAL C! ALWAYS!" Jack says while putting his hand to his heart.

(I hate to be called "C" I liked to be called Cher and that's it. But he has never called me Cher in his whole life)

"Hi I'm Jack!!"

"My name is Cher."

*my friends Mary and Bonnie laughed at the thought of a guy talking to us*

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