Chapter 4

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"Are you almost ready C??" Jack yelled from the kitchen.

He started to tap his fingers thinking we would be late.

Jack fixed his tie and tied his left shoe.

Jack looked into the and nodded at himself.

I walked into the kitchen with my pink nude dress and white heels on.

"Wow." Jack said while looking at me enter.

"Wow yourself, I haven't seen you in a tux since 6th grade graduation where you were over dressed." I told him.

"Done ever bring that up again." he said.

I grabbed my pink Michael Kors bag that Jack gave me last Christmas and started to walk to the door.

"Cher..." Jack said while stopping me.

"Be careful tonight ok." he said.

"Its a rich boy party that a guy at out school is throwing since he has a bunch of money and he can. I don't need to be careful." I explained.

"Just please."

"Fine, I will." I said with concern.


"We're late. thanks a lot C." he said.

"2 minutes Jack."

"Names?" said a snobby boy in front of the house gate.

"Jack gilinsky, plus ONE." Jack said.

I leaned my head back so the snobby boy wouldn't see me. He probably wouldn't have let me in. Only the coolest people can get in, and I'm not cool. But... Jack is.....

The boy nodded and opened the gates.

"Thank you," Jack said and started to pull through the gates.

"He looked rude," Jack said

I nodded and moved my head back up to were I wasn't hiding as much anymore.

We parked in one of the thousands of parking spots and got out of the car.

"Stay close ok." Jack told me.

I looked at him and thought, why do I have to stay close, be careful? Is someone gonna throw me out of the party, punch me or something? I don't know. But Jack seems scared for some reason.

"Jack Gilinsky!!" Madison said.

ugh I wanted to punch the whore in the face

"Hey maddy!" Jack said while hugging her.

well that hurt my chest

"You look great jack!" She said while touching his tie.

"You too Madison." Cameron said while nodding his head.

"Come on the party is inside! It's insane. There are hundreds of people," Madison said while pulling jacks arm.

I quickly followed behind so I wouldn't get lost in the crowd.

I started to get pushed back by the crowd. I was stuck.

I saw a hand in front of me reaching for me but i didn't know who it was, but then I noticed the small scar on their pinky finger and I grabbed their hand. It was jacks.

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