Chapter 7

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Jacks POV

I knocked on C's door to pick her up.

"Jack! Hey man how are you??" C's dad said while he answered the door.

"I'm great! How are you sir," I asked.

"I'm excellent, come on in. Cher isn't here yet." He said to me.

"So Jack, my daughter has been spending lots of nights over at your house..." He said.

"Yes sir, but nothing is happening I promise, we are just best friends," I explained.

"Oh I know that Jack, your a fine boy. I wouldn't mind if you dated my daughter you know that. But you are great friends. I like that she hangs out with you. So how's football?" C's dad said.

"It's great sir, being quarterback is really fun, great experience." I told him.

"I bet! Hey, can you put these clothes in Cher's room for me? I have to go check on my dinner, it's Cher's mom and my anniversary tonight." He said.

"Of course sir, I do hope you have a great night," i said while picking up the clothes.

I took them to C's room and put them on her bed.

I noticed a little book on her desk.

I opened up to where the pencil was in and it said something different then I would think.

"It's hard to have to live day by day with Jack without him knowing I'm in love with him," was the first sentence I read.

As I read on it talked about moments we have had, and how she liked me because of them.

After I read the page I couldn't stop smiling.

I have always been in love with Cher, ever since I've met her in third grade. Every "I love you" was in a romantic way, not just friendly, it has always been hard thinking she didn't like me... But now I know. She does.

"I'm gonna kiss her tonight.." I whispered and I put the book down.

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