Chapter 3

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"What do you want to eat?" Jack asked me.

"Uh, a... ummm. an omelet." I tried to say.

"Having trouble speaking?" He asked while laughing into his Orange Juice.

"Can u get me a kids menu? I like the coloring and mazes and stuff." I asked.

"Anything for you sexy." He said while getting up to go get me a menu.

"Ok.... So I got the kid menu and crayons." He said while handing me the menu and crayons.

"Hi! Are you ready to order?"

"Yes we are!" Jack said.

"Can I have the triple pancake deluxe with Extra sausage and eggs. Then she would like a cheese omelet, just egg and cheese, with bacon well done on a different plate, she hates when her food touch, and no toast, she doesn't really like toast." Jack ordered.

(I love when he ordered for me. It made me feel special even though he does it all the time)

"Thanks Jack."

"Of course."

"So you know Madison?" Jack asked me.

"Madison Beer? The school hooker?" I asked.

"Don't call her that. Well she asked me to go to the big party tonight." He told me.

"Oh..... She did???" I said secretly jealous.

"But it's ok, I made sure to tell her I don't go anywhere without my bestfriend C!!!" He explained.

(So I'm now friend zoned. This sucks. And I thought he might of liked me too)

"Oh, um cool."

"What's wrong C?" He asked.

"Nothing. Nothing. There isn't anything wrong."

"I'll find out." He told me.

"There isn't anything wrong.." I told Jack while lying.

(Jack has been with other girls, pretty ones too, but I never was jealous, I never felt the same way as I did right now. and Madison? she sleeps with everyone. and Jack is hot so she will tear him up. its hard now having to realize that he doesn't feel the same way, and he will date other girls. he thinks of me as a friend, and only that)

"I don't believe you C. I know when your lying."

"Well I'm not Jack. Just forget it." I said.

"Ok here's your food! I hope you enjoy." the waitress said.

"Thank you so much Hun," Jack said to the waitress.

Jack winked at me and started to play footsies...

"Jack..." I said while putting my feet on the seat and crossing them.

(I would have gone on with it. but I would have got turn on and I need to turn it down...)

Jack rolled his eyes and started to eat.

"Dang this is good stuff. wanna try some sausage?" Jack asked me.

"sure give me a small piece. I'm trying to lose 20 pounds. " I tried telling him.

"What? you already weigh 5 pounds. what you wanna be -15 pounds? Your super skinny babe. If you lose anymore weight your C cup will go to a B." Jack argued.

"Whatever. Fine, give me a big piece. I guess I'm getting some D cups." I joked.

"Don't get D cups, id be staring at them all the time." He said.

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