Chapter 2

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Jacks house: 8:37PM

"Can I have some of your clothes?" I asked.

(Every movie night I barrow Jack's clothing because his clothes are big and comfy)

"Always C, always. I'll go get them. You pop the corn." Jack said.

"Always jack, always." I said mimicking.

Jack winked at me and walked into his room to get me clothes.

"Here does this work?" Jack said while handing me the clothes.

"The pants work! Maybe not the shirt. Can I wear the shirt you have on now??" I said to make him mad.

"Oh um yeah of course. Anything for you." Jack said while taking off his shirt.

"Ha, thanks Jack." I said while taking off my clothes.

Jack put in the movie while I changed.

As I took off my shirt to put his on, Jack slowly turned his head.

(He thought I didn't see him. I did)

I looked to him.

"The popcorns ready!" I said.

He coughed to make it look like he just turned.

"Ok! The movie is playing." He said.

"TURN OFF THE LIGHT!!!!!" I yelled.

"AHHHHHH!! IM GOING!! Jack said while sprinting to the light.

I put the popcorn in a giant bowl and got out the candy.

We both plopped on the couch and snuggled up to each other.

He was super warm I leaned in closer.

As I had my head on his bare shirtless body, I couldn't stop thinking about how much we both grew.

*jacks phone got a text*

Jack reached over to go get his phone.

As Jack read his phone, his smile left his face completely.

"Jack what's wrong."

"What? Nothing." He said.

"Jack tell me." I said more forceful

"CHER. Stay out of it." He yelled.

"Jack. Just tell me."

"Just stay out of it!"

His yelling voice was so scary. He never yelled at me. Ever. It must have been really important.

*my phone got a text*

"Hold on I got a text." I said

"Don't answer it!" He said.

"Chill Jack." I said.

"Your gonna taste so good." -anonymous

"What?" I said outloud.

"What did it say???" Jack asked with his hand out to see.

I handed it to him and watched him read it.

His eyes got wide. He scratched his head.

"It's nothing probably wrong person." He said handing me my phone back.

"Yeah probably!" I said with release, but still confused in what Jack's text said.

"We are missing the movie!!" I said.

Jack laughed and looked at the tv.

"I wish I was Christopher Wilde" Jack said while brushing off his shoulder trying to be cool.

"Well then I'll be Sara Olson the crazy girl Who is obsessed with you." I said.

"You already are obsessed."

"You wish Jack."

"I take that back, I wanna be Stubby." Jack added.

"OH MY GODD" I said while spitting out my water.

Saturday: 7:31

As I woke up. I noticed Jack on top of me like a baby. His was warm. He looked adorable. He looked like... Like I wanted him to be more than a friend. But he doesn't think of me that way. He thinks of me as just a friend.

"Oh hey there C.How did u sleep" Jack asked while he started walking up.

"a... Good" I said.

"Oh I'm so sorry! I'm like on top of you. I'm heavy I'm heavy.." Jack said while getting up.

"Oh no your fine. Ha. Um yeah. What's for breakfast?" I asked to get my mind off of that subject.

"We should get IHOP!" Jack said.

"Yeah ok. I have to get ready." I said while getting up.

"Ok. Just change here in the living room. I am." Jack continued.

"Great g.. Uh yeah I'm no I'll just go to the bathroom." I tried to say while walking backwards to the bathroom probably looking like an idiot.

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