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Next morning i opened my eyes when sun rays entered my room from the windows. I got out of my sheets, took a nice long bath; get into my favourite Atsu Sekhose's Outfit which was a red gown with a short golden jacket on it.

Uncle and Aunty will be here at my house at 11 am, so i had my breakfast by then the clock was showing 9; I had two spare hours to do whatever i want to so i decided to take a look at our Khan's Emporium! The Style and Fashion spot of Lucknow.
There i spotted my latest designing collection - Jannat-e-Khuda collection which i presented/ launched in Fashion Show Day, even the devine diva princess of Lucknow preferred my collection b'cz of its two main qualities - Decency and Beauty! I think exposure is not fashion, i always design decency to emblazone the inner beauty of my people and they just loved the concept of my designs. I am wholly satisfied with my work and fans of my designs.

Now it was almost the time for the guests to arrive. When i reached there, they both were already there before me; i greeted them saying "Salam walekum" they both were happy to see me, Aunty Saba told me to  take a seat beside her gesturing with her fair slimy left hand. I took the seat beside her on the sofa and passed her a small grin.
"Oh Allah miyan, she look so adorable! My child you have grown up so beautifully"
She chirped grinning cheekily during the whole sentence.

I was like - huh?? That compliment was too much to digest specially from her side! But i managed to reply with a Thank you to her.

During all this chatting time, i noticed something was wrong with Ammi; she was lost in her own thoughts... Is she having some problem? Something was strange, that i don't know.

I wanted to know what's going on in her mind? What was troubling her? But not in front of everyone, so i decided to ask later.

After having lunch & reviving old memories Uncle & Aunty took our leave; My father and uncle both are childhood friends, their fathers were also good friends; My grandfather and uncle's father were also partners in the business and their childrens took their lead.

After escorting our guest to the main gate,  i saw Ammi was heading towards her room, so i followed her. She get inside her room and suddenly closed the door behind her, she didn't noticed me following her. When i was about to knock the door i heard Abbu saying something to her at the other side of the door.

"Why are you so tensed?"
He asked her genuinely worried with a frown on his face.

"We have to tell her soon!"
She exclaimed with worried expressions.

"Yes! I know it's tough time for us and it would be for her too when she'll got to know that...."
He said it and at the end he trailed off.

"What the heck are they talking about?? And who is she?? Me??! They never hide significant things from me"
I was talking to myself standing in front of the door of their room totally confused.


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