The Contract!

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My legs became concrete after listening their conversation, standing there without their knowledge about my presence right outside their room.
After inhaling a gust of fresh air standing at the window he continued...
"Okay, Calm down! I'll try to tell her Tomorrow itself about 'The Contract', She is my blood and would never let me down. She would try to understand the situations in which we are standing"
He blurted out in a voice which was not that confident as usually his voice had.

When i heard the word "Contract!" it felt kinda size of my eyes became larger than usual. And then the other word "My blood!" made my eye sockets to kinda fall on ground.
After hearing this much it was all clear that they were taking about me. But.... that former word was  alien to me, i never heard from my parents about any contract related to me since my birth.

"If She um... d_de.n..y to marry.... him?"
She asked him with stuttering voice  and worried eyes.

"NO!! SHE WILL NOT DENY THIS. She is my daughter, SHE WILL AGREE TO MARRY for My SAKE!  She have to marry..."
He was unsure as well as sure of his words and his words were aggressive at that moment. Then he turned to saw his loving wife whose eyes formed a little watery b'cz of his harshness. When he was about to assure her,  was interrupted by an unwanted sound that broke the atmosphere of tension between them.

I heard that Abbu spat with aggressive voice to Ammi, I realised he never talked like this with Ammi, never ever.....

Again a shocking word "Marry" transformed  my legs  from concrete to jelly.
Suddenly i stepped back trying to absorb all that i heard and to get a support of wall,  but unfortunately my leg made contact with the stand of  flower vase which was placed just beside their bedroom door and it started dancing on its stand like a maniac dancing on a wonderful stage.
Instantly i jerked towards the right to hold it but it turned to dance on the left. Then i tried to catch it on the left but again it went to right. I was acting like a drunk person trying to catch his bottle of vodka whose nervous system is not able to direct him to the exact direction and he thinks that the bottle is dancing that's why he isn't able to hold it. But in my case my bottle was dancing in reality. (sarcasm)



Again Right!

And.... then my vodka bottle! Oh.... i mean the vase reached the suicide point and unfortunately my little vase jumped from there; and oh i was  such a dumb, stupid girl that i didn't even saved his life  (note the sarcasm).


The vase hit the ground and scattered in pieces.
By that time i was so much frustrated that if i would know some magic then these scattered pieces would be hidden somewhere away from everyone's eyes. They wouldn't able to find even if they have qualities of Sherlock Holmes.

At that point my expressions were like that drunkard whose last vodka bottle suicide before his eyes and he can't bear the pain of loosing it.

I was back to reality when i heard footsteps coming towards the death point of vase and that  also means near me!

I jerked my slim figure behind those large curtains to hide myself from that person.

Then i saw Neeta Aunty hurriedly came there and was shocked to see those pieces of broken vase on the floor.
Neeta Aunty is our cook for so long and i know her from my childhood; she must be around forty five and treat me like her own child. She is very sweet, kind women and truly a superb cook.

She bent on her knees and started picking those broken pieces of that vase. Apparently i realised that she stopped picking those pieces and her eyes were on me.
I cursed under my breath.
At that point i was feeling like a thief caught by a police man, literally the same situation i was in, poor me.
I guess she saw my legs at the bottom of those so called long.... curtains. I saw her eyeing me suspiciously and i grasped the reason, i was looking like a stupid girl hiding behind the curtains of her own house.

Then we heard a voice from my parents room and the door was wide open in fractions of second. Ammi stepped out of the room hurriedly with a frowning face and stood in front of Neeta Aunty with her both hands on her hips.
She gave Neeta Aunty a questioning look and when Neeta Aunty was about to respond her look, she took a side look at me, fortunately Ammi didn't caught her seeing me; then she told her  that the vase broke by mistake when she was passing by and got slipped b'cz of her wet slippers.

"Ohh are you okay? Do you have any kind of pain?"
Ammi asked her simpathically, she was genuinely worried about her brilliant cook.

"No no Madam, i have no pain and thank you for your  concern"
Neeta Aunty assured her, about her having no inner pain.

"Neeta Be careful! You know.. we can't afford that our so talented cook have any kind of pain and as a result we have to stay away from your delicious food for some days."
Oh my Ammi told her importance in our lives, and Ammi earned a chuckle from her kitchen mate.

Few minutes later both the ladies  headed towards the kitchen discussing  about what to prepare for dinner tonight.

I took a breath of relief when they were gone from there and my path was clear for me to run.
During that vase incident i had almost  forgot about what i have heard few minutes back, but when i reached in my room and get seated on the edge of my queen sized bed, my memory came back. I recalled every word spoken by both of them in my mind, again and again. I was getting Maa...aad!!!! The Pain.... was increasing by every second, my heart ached for my state!

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