Missed you!

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Jannat's Pov:

When I entered my room suddenly my cell phone made a beep sound.

I pulled it out of my pocket to see who is missing me so much. There was a message which read-
"Have you reached there?"

"Yep I am here and so..... happy to see my dear hommy home"
I typed instantly.

"And what about me? You don't miss me?"

"Ah... Nops, not at all."

"Seriously??" *raising one eyebrow*

"Yes am damn serious."
I wrote on the screen with a naughty smirk on.

"I think, i asked the wrong girl."
He shooted back so fast.

"Wh...what? No way! I am the only right girl!" *pouty face*
I defended my part.

"You think so? Oh plz you are not!"

"Now its enough ok, i was kidding."

"Me too! So now you missed me?"
*eyebrows raised*

"Yes i missed you beyond infinity."

"Now thats my girl."

"I was always the right one!"
I typed with proudly smirk on my lips.

"Silly talks apart! When are you going to tell them?"

"I am a little nervous and need some time to prepare myself for that."

"Take your time, I trust you."

"Thanks! Talk to you later, ok?"

"Yeah sure!"

I placed my phone on my study table and took a long breath!

I was a little bit nervous to tell them that I wanna marry this person. I seriously don't know how they would respond to this.

His name is Arshad, he is my best friend from delhi and much more then that from the day he asked me.
Actually he is my fiance since last month after a Romantic proposal from his side.

He was my senior in college and the very day he was ragging his juniors with his group, was the day i met him for the first time.

I just hate ragging! Lot's of students commit suicide b'cz of this ragging thing and it's offensive.

But his style of ragging wasn't that offensive kind of; he just want his juniors to respect him and be in discipline before him.
Most of his juniors obeyed, I don't know why they do so.


3 years back:

When I was entering the corridors to reach my classroom, suddenly someone stepped in front of me, I jerked to the other side to make my way but that person again blocked my way.

By this time I was a bit frustrated on that person. I snapped my head up to see the owner of those feets (enemy feets) who dared to block my way........


A/N -  This pic is of their university i.e, DELHI UNIVERSITY!

P.S: Hey everyone who is reading. How was this chappy?

……"Beyond infinity" 😜 how is my own invented phase Lol.. yes i do this with my friends.
Try it with your loved ones, b'cz i guess there is no measurement of beyond infinity. 😜😄 They will definitely love this reply.

Maybe in upcoming chapters I am going to tell you one more use of this 'beyond infinity'. *winks*

Okay i wanna know how many of you are against ragging??
Plz comments it, whatever your views about ragging!

God bless you all. :)

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