The worst dinner!

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The people i love the most in my life had hurt me this much. I didn't cried b'cz i knew that there was much more to that they had told me. I have to be Strong until tomorrow morning when Abbu is going to unfold the truth of my life...

But it's the toughest task to do when your heart is filled with pain.

I picked my cellphone from the side table and saw the screen which was displaying 12 missed calls. Two from one of my childhood friend and all other were Mr.Devil's stock.
I was in no mood to talk to anyone at that moment so i just put it back on the side table.

'Shall i ask them directly?'

'Why should i marry? I mean What shit is in that Contract....?'

'If i have to marry to any person other than Arsh, I'll be so dead! I can't cheat him in any cases'

A knock on the door dragged me out from my mental talks.
"Come in!"

"Jaan beta! It's time for dinner! Come, they are asking for you! Look at yourself you have loosed so much weight, are you dieting??"
Neeta Aunty asked me scanning my figure.

I strode towards her and hugged her softly. She also responded and placed her one hand on back of my head.

"Aunty! I'm not on dieting, it's just b'cz of staying away from your delicious dishes for so long..."
I replied her with pouty face which was fake coz am trying to hide the turmoil of my mind while striding towards the dinning area.

Dinner was quite awkward it was filled with silence!
The tension was obvious!
I was controlling myself from asking both of them-
Why they are hiding everything, why don't they tell me? Why!

Then i broked the deadly silence....

"Mm.. Abbu-Ammi! Is everything okay?"
I asked both of them while putting my spoon down. That's a different thing that i hadn't consumed even a single spoon during the dinner.

In such sensitive situations i have to work with my mind, not with my heart. There must be something big; a serious reason behind their behaviour.

"Y..Yeah! My doll everything is.. Fine!"
Abbu's voice was lacking confidence which meant that he was lying!

Ammi was also very nervous when i asked that. Her forefinger was continuously tapping on the dining table.

I had some knowledge about Human Psychology due to my interest in Science and my favourite Tv Channels 'Discovery' and 'Net Geo'! I always watched them during those days when i was a teenager, the time when all other teenagers of my age were busy in watching 'MTv' 'Bindass' & 'Channel V'

"Ammi! What happened? What is troubling you?"
I asked her simpathically, i knew Abbu is playing cool but Ammi! she can't do the same, i know her.
I can't wait more now....
Enough is enough!!

"What! Me? N..nothing my child!"
Oh Allah, how could she! I can't tolerate this acting for one more minute!

"Ammi-Abbu! PLEASE! Tell me, what you both are HIDING! Plea..."
Saying this much a lumb formed in my throat and i trailed off at the end. I stood up from my chair and slammed my both hands on the dinning table.

Till that moment they both grasped my mood and they also stood on their respective positions.

While taking few steps towards me so that we could stand face to face, Abbu said something that made me more restless -
"There is nothing! And you tell us What happened to you suddenly?"
He asked me a little harshly!

Oh! So now! They wanted me... to say all that- That I wanna hear from them! As their wish!!

"Abbu! I wanna hear The Truth! Please.... no more lies"
I beg him for the last time to spit out the truth!

"What Truth!?"
He exclaimed with confused and frowned expressions on his face.

During the tensed conversation between Abbu and me, Ammi was just standing and shifting her gaze between both of us.

"The Truth of Contact!"
I said those words while shutting my eyes like i shall never open them again.

Again a deadly silence surrounded the dinning area, both were in high shock to hear that from me!

"Hh..How do you know about Contact? Who told you?"
Abbu managed to ask me this but he was still in awful shock with a frowning face and Ammi was mirroring his expressions.

"I_heard_everything! When you both were talking about the Contract in your Room. Ah.. I was stalking Ammi to ask her about why_she was lost in her own thoughts during the lunch but_she suddenly closed the door of her room and...when i was about to knock i heard you saying something to her! So... Now Please Abbu tell me_What is in that Contract that is about me?"
I told them everything that happened after lunch in a one breath.

"It's time! We should tell her about it."
Ammi directed him to unfold everything which was kept hidden from me for past so many years and he nodded in agreement.

Abbu gasped fresh oxygen in one breath and then started...

"See my child, what we are going to unfold to you... um.. may be that would be hurtful for you! So, be Strong okay beta?"
He warned me saying this, i nodded in response to assure him that i am Strong.

Then he continued...

"That Contract was made between your grandfather and your Khan Uncle's father, both decided that their grandchildrens will get married to each other on your 24th Birthday!"
He told me this much without any expression on his face like a silence before the deadly storm.

"WHAT!? Abbu please..... not that person! SAY IT! You are not talking about him! You are giving me hell shocks, and 24th Birthday? It's next month NOooo.... Abbu! Why! Why you both didn't told me that much of vital thing of my life to me yet. And WHO ARE THEY TO CHOOSE MY LIFE PARTNER?"
I yelled to both my parents, coz that was the height of tolerance! The is bullshit 24th Birthday; Just one and half month. Can you imagine a fucking one and half month left! Allah i wanna kill myself! I was about to cry out but i didn't! I reminded myself that there is more to tolerate, so i can't scatter that early...

That Person is Biggest Villain of my life. Huuuaaah! Monster! Hell boy! Moron! Mad man! Jerk! I just hate him from bottom of my heart and soul! The only word for him is Hatred..!


P.S: Hey everyone, so howz that?
Hope u enjoyed!
There is much more to know about that CONTRACT so stay tuned!
About that person too.. ;)

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