My Heaven!

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"Hey Ammi! Asalam walekum Abbu"
I hugged my mom tightly and greeted my dad happily. Both were so happy to see me after almost 3 years. I was staying in New Delhi for last three years to complete my Designing course, which is my passion since childhood. I come home to visit them whenever holidays arrives.

Our family is also engaged in the business of designing from the time of our ancestors.

Ancestoral Bussinesses are common in India especially in our community.

"Wale kum Asalam my guriya (doll)."
My dad greeted back with so much affection in his voice, that I won't resisted myself from hugging him tightly.

They both are my life and I'm the only one they have as a child.
Allah has given me the most loving parents and for them am the precious pearl to their heart.

"How was your flight?"
My dad asked me while waving a hand gasturing Kareem (our servent for all outside works) to pick my bags from the trolley.

"Abbu it was so..... boring, am very much tired. Let's go home fast, I want to see my room, my garden, my kitchen, my.... bathroom haha, and finally my heavenly world, my sweet home"
I spoked the whole thing without any gap, without leaving any chance for them to spoke in answer b'cz I was so excited to see my world.
They both looked at my face with pleasing grins on their fourties face.

"Everything is yours only, in that home my guriya (doll), you don't have to point out the things every time!"
Dad said to me while getting inside the car, with me on the passenger seat and my mom and dad on the back seat.

Yeah dad, everything is mine there afterall am the only child you both had, I thought before answering him.

"I know Abbu, but Abbu! Why didn't Allah given me a brother?
I explained my parents the wish of mine in the form of a question.

"Hm.... Look my doll everything you have may be enough for you in the eyes of The all mighty, all things are gifts from Allah given to you. Every single thing! Even your life, your existance."
Dad's thoughts are really deep in these kind of topics. But I understand such talks when my dad teach me things related to Allah!

"Thankyou Abbu, for teaching me everything and.... Ammi as well." I spoked with pleasing grin on my lips, which resulted to shower of love on me from my parents.

Both took my hand and gave it a lite squeeze.
"That's our duty my guriya (doll)."
Mom chirpped to me while placing her hand on my chick.

"Abbu, I have a question?"

"Then shoot!"

"According to your explanation, you shouldn't also call me 'your doll or guriya' ; am also a gift from Allah! Should call me 'Allah's doll' Am I Right??"
I said to them wiggling my brows playfully and superessing a laugh.

"Haha..yeah absolutely right you are Allah's child. Dad gave a heavy laugh at my words and turned to mom.
"Look Noor my baby girl is trying to trap me in my own words, she is grown up now."
He told mom that am grown up girl now and i snorted at that.

"Grown up! Who wanna grow up this early?" I winked to them while laughing out loud.

"Sahib, we are here"
A voice interupted us and Driver told my dad that we are at the mension now.

My heaven! Oh Allah you are great! Finally am at my home. Everything is same as the time when I arrived in last summers. Garden is well maintained, colour of wall are the same, even the carpets are neat as always.
"My Heaven"


P.S: So how was it? Tell me please, how was my first attempt? :) I hope it wasn't bad.

Do you like Jannat and her cute talks? 😃

Hey tell me how many of you have this nickname 'Guriya'? ;) Haha..i know mostly parents use this name for their girl child.. and before you people think it's my nickname; i wanna correct you: Nops it's not.
Nobody calls me Guriya or doll. [It's Vini, but yes my editor's (Nida) dad call her Guriya].
God bless you people.

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