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Days passed by the same, she was in depression and parents were bound of that piece of paper.
Look how a thin sheet of paper could make a businessman crying for her daughter on his knees!

"Jannat a_am very sorry my doll_ such a shame on me that i can't do anything; It's all out of my hands."
He confessed to his daughter sitting near her bed.

"It wasn't your fault Abbu; just my fate's! This is to be done one day, so why cry on it."
She assured her dad; known of the need for assurance at that phase. Afterall she too was aware that they can't change the power of attorney!

"They are coming today! I hope you are aware of the reason for their arrival?"
Her dad asked her softly without making eye contact.

This was the day of her ring ceremony; Istikhara was already done [ceremony wherein the religious head take the consent of Allah to perform the wedding] and today two rituals were planned to be performed; Imam-Zamin also to be done today wherein groom's mother visits the brides place with some sweets and a coin (gold or silver) rapped in a silken clothe which is been tied on the upper portion of the bride's hand.

"Yeah Abbu, Don't worry I'll get ready on time."
I told him and he just nodded before going out of my room.

In islam when these rituals were held groom and bride are not allowed to see each other; few days back they asked me to meet him once before the rituals get started but i denied to meet, so they handed me a white coloured envelope! The envelope had his photos. I wasn't interested in seeing his face so instead of putting those under my pillow like other typical 'soon to be brides' i threw that envelope in the dustbin; which was the best place for him!


I put on my dress which is by their side and letting my hairs in a french braided style.

"I know you must be thinking how simply i accepted all this!"
Listening to this she narrowed her eyes a bit.
I was talking to my childhood friend and neighbour 'Radhika'. We both were in same school but parted when i went delhi for my graduation. She is got her degree in 'Criminal and Civil Law' from Lucknow University. She is more like my shadow twin, knew everything about me.

"Obviously, now can you please give me the tour of your head b'cz i can't predict what's going in your dumb head!?"
She asked me curiously shaking my shoulders grasping my whole attention to herself.

"You know what? 'Curiosity kills the cat'! So have patience Radhu."
I asked her to be patient for some time.

"Whatever! Let's go down now, else aunty will kill both of us."

We went down for the ceremony, my home was all decorated with golden coloured decorations, Yellow and red flowers were used giving the place heavenly touch.

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Ques-Ans Time:

1. What do you think happened to Jannat in her past? Why she is suffering with Post traumic attacks?

2. Why did Jannat agreed to marry?

3. Do you think Jannat should see those photographs before marring? 😜

4. Why she hate that guy?? Any guesses! 😃

Answer the above questions then read further.

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