Run Away!

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We all stood unconscious there for almost five minutes without uttering a single word.

"What is the reason behind this Contract? I mean why they wanted this and you both knew everything since my childhood?"
I managed to utter this.

Those people who are my Ancestors had no idea what i would have done to them if they would alived.

Abbu continued...
"No! We got to know this when you were 19, our family advocate Mr. Rana came to us with this contract! He told us that they decided this so that their grandchildrens wouldn't dare to break this partnership between our families and our properties, along with the business everything stay with us"

"What do mean by Dare to break? Who the hell is relying on this stupid Contact?"
I spoke shrugging my sholders and placing my hands on hips bones.

"Everything is not that easy, we all are binded by this? If you deny our whole property and business will...
Abbu trailed off while putting his palms on his forehead and then both sides of his face. Obviously he was tensed but his silence made me more tensed.

While putting his hands on my sholders he said in a meek voice.
"Everything_will_go_for_Charity_ even_our_mention."

"H..hOW COULD THEY DO THIS WITH US! They are.. Are mad peoples, I_ just HATE them for this! They ruin my life, everything is meaningless now...Uh.."
Saying this i hit my hand to a glass placed on the dining table, it hit the ground and scattered in pieces, i saw those small pieces.. alike my life they were scattered and sharp at every turn, now my life will be like them!

Whenever i will try to fix pieces of my life they would penetrate in my skin more deeply!
I tried _ i tried my best.. but.. i was broken.. My world become hell.. the very minute i heard all this bullshit!

"Hell! Hell is the only place for them!"
I cried.. cried out loud... so that they_those dead_cruel_people if they could hear my whining shouts.. they realise their Sin! In few seconds i was on my knees, i realised how much i was helpless!

Ammi hugged me to heal my pain, she assured me that everything will be fine!
I knew everything, her assurance was meaningless, i am no child anymore.

"Shh... Jannat my child, don't speak bad words for them, afterall they were your grandparents!"
She told me not to say bitter words for them but i ignored her.

After crying for almost half an hour, i stood on my jelly legs and wipped tears with back of my hands.

"Abbu-Ammi! I wanna tell something to both of you, its about my life.. precisely_about my life partner!"
Saying this much i folded my arms on my chest. Noticing no expressions on their face, i continued..
"I wanna tell something to you.. i_like_someone! H_he is from delhi, we _ were in same collage there and Abbu i know, i never... planned to fall in love with any random person in my life but.. now i realised that _ nobody plans to fall for someone _ it's just it happens automatically... a..and when you got to know that you are in love.. It was too late.."
My eyes were closed when i finished, i don't have the courage to meet my eyes with them. They trusted me and i crushed their trust from my secret, it's not that they hadn't given me the freedom to choose my life partner but still they would be hurt with my sudden revealed secret that i kept hidden from them from three years back!

I snapped open my eyes when i heard a thud voice..
I saw Ammi was on the ground holding Abbu's unconscious body when my heart skipped a beat. I was scared seeing him lying on the floor and i rushed towards him.

We called the doctor and waited for him outside Abbu's room, so that he could examine him in silence and without any disturbance.

After almost twenty minutes when our clock was showing quarter past one at night, doctor came out of the room. He told us that Abbu got a Minor heart attack and his heart is very weak thus he shouldn't be given any tension. So we have to take care that we shouldn't tell him anything that would give him shock, else he would be in danger of Major one.

When doctor was gone after giving a subscription to one of the servant i peeked through the door of his room, he was resting and Ammi was sitting on a chair near to bed.

I told them that i want some alone time and nobody dare come behind me! Saying this i went towards the backyard of my house. Both remained there silently just nodded in agreement.

I was sitting on the wooden bench there, sobbing for my poor situation, when a sound in the bushes grabbed my attention.

There are no animals there where we live so it was scary to see bushes making sounds. My throat become dry and i stood there ready to run for my life but i stopped my legs when my vision saw a human figure jumping out of those bushes.

Standing there i breathed in relief that it wasn't any animal, alien, vampire or something like that but still i was scared because i didn't knew who dare to jump through the bushes at this hour of the night.

Narrowing my eyes i shifted my focused vision towards that dark figure when it started stepping towards me, its every step towards me, made me step back, when that person was only two feets away from me, some dim light fall on his face and my eyes kinda fall from sockets.

"YOU!? Here? I mean how!"
I took a breath of relief but in shock placing hands on my chest and asked him while shrugging my sholders.

"Sorry, i guess i scared you! Oh and don't tell me that you are not scared & you are a brave gir..."
He sensed me annoying and hit breaks on his tongue seeing me shooting daggers at him.

"Ah..why am here? Really! Is this your question?"
He asked me genuinely.

"Did i said that in french? So, answer me!"
I told him and he nodded in mid of my sentence.

"You didn't picked my calls and neither replied my text messages and you know i got tensed when you do such things, that's why i came here!"
He told me the reason behind his sudden arrival in my backyard at this hour from the bushes.

"Okay cool down! But do you came here straight from delhi?"
I asked him shockingly putting my left hand on my forehead.

"No Jaan! I have a guest house in Lucknow and am staying there. I came here yesterday."
He said this putting his hand on my sholder and with a small grin on his face.
Then we strode again towards the bench and now we could see each others face clearly because the lamps lights are falling on us directly.

"Wait! You were crying? Why? What happened?"
He asked me worridly wiping my half dry tears from my chicks.

"Arsh, I told them everything! B_but all is messed up because of that Bloody Contract?"
Telling this much i started crying again. He hugged me and assured me that everything will be alright while putting his palm on my back soothingly and it worked a lot.

He asked me when i stopped crying with confused looks and some paleness on his face.

I told him everything from the beginning and he was quite after listening all that. For few minutes he examined my face and then he blurted -

"Let's go!"
He just said these two words.

"What? What do you mean let's go?"
With forrowed expressions i asked him. I was in shock and was confused too by his words.

"You are running away with me!"
While saying this he took my hand and started pulling me towards the entrance of my house.

"Wait! NO! Are you out of your mind? I can't do this with my parents, Abbu couldn't wrestle with one more shock and why are you being so selfish?"
I pulled my hand from his hand and shouted on his face.

He stood shocked at what i just said to him. Then he was gone! Without uttering any word he went away from there.
Neither i stopped him.

Is that the end? This is the only thing my mind processed in that situation.

"Do you ever feel like running away?" My inner self asked me.

I want to run away from my hell life!
"But _ am Strong, i will make it up by myself"


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Stay blessed!

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