Buffaloes eye!

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" Oh please shut up Sim, you always talk nonsense about us! I am telling you get your imaginative thoughts to an end otherwise I'll have a blame of your murder on me."
I hissed angrily to her, expressing my all disappointment about her thoughts.

" Jaan... trust me am damn serious, it's true. You know i have no intension to hurt you; Please trust me for the last time?"
Simran blurted all in one breath, she wanted me to trust her stupid talk.
She always says stupid things about me & Arsh & this time according to her Arsh is going to propose me next Sunday; from where she heard this nonsense i have no idea & i don't even wants to know! I know its impossible thing; Sim always say that she saw the love in his eyes which was meant for me & that am the apple of his eye. But i don't see anything more than the darkness in his eyes.

I don't believed her but still somewhere inside i was nervous that what if i found it to be true?? Then what would i do?? I decided not to think about what would never happened in reality.

I spend the whole week in dellimma; my face became wilt b'cz of the stress i was in. Day by day her stupid statement haunted me more & more; then the judgment day came.
Today is fashion show day; our designs were to be shown to everyone. I was confident about my designs but core of my nervousness was something else. Unfortunately i was with Simran who was super confident about her statement; Me?? Totally opposite, too nervous & a little scared. My heart beat was faster than the usual & there he came with his group on the stage for singing a song; his presentation was placed at the end of the show with our show stopper; singing was his passion & his first love; today is his birthday so as usual he celebrated it by giving his friends and all students a pleasure of listening his mesmerising voice. All the crowd started chearing, screaming & jumping; our show changed to a rocking concert, all that was new for me they all were behaving like they were listening some rock star. Then he started his song, a song of one of my favourite singer whose name is Atif Aslam ; he begin with these words-
Pehli nazar mein kaisa jaadu kar diya, tera ban baitha hai mera jiya.... Jane kya hoga kya hoga kya ptaa... Iss pal ko milke aa jii lein jara...
His voice was so melodious that everyone started singing along with him; everyone was enjoying his performance; his performance made our show superb.
After that he reached those lines of the song that says-
Baby i love you, baby i love you,
Baby i love you, oh i love you, i love u so, baby i love you...

While singing those lines he suddenly extended his hand in front of him straight pointing towards------ Me???? Ohhh nooo!!!!
His eyes and mine were glued together for few minutes when Simran chirrped "Buffaloes eye!" while jumping happily, afterall her statement proved out to be true.
I was in disbelief; all eyes were on me, Simran pushed me on the stage and now i was in front of him. Instantly he bent down on one of his knee looking into my eyes & that moment made my heart skip a beat; he took my hand & after taking a breath he said-
Jannat, you are the precious pearl of my heart, i wanna spend my whole life with a girl who is unique in every ways & i know you are the only one i want to share rest of my life with. Can i have the pleasure to be the companion of the most devine & Sweet girl in the world??


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